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    1. Fscott
      Dazed but not confused
    2. Skibumtim
      Skibumtim 1tufgt
      My Explorer has the air stuck on blowing out the vents. NO defrost flow. It seems everyone thinks I'm saying it is stuck blowing out my defrost. It's not... When I make it clear to them they say, "Oh, my problem was different." You mind sharing with me what you found to be the cause. Thanks
    3. Rick
      Warm wind's blowin' heat and blue sky, and a road that goes forever...
    4. kkat
      2003 Ford Explorer, no heat. Actuator above fan motor in glove box? No clicking when turn up heat knob.
    5. Runnin'OnEmpty
      Runnin'OnEmpty LarryMax
      Hi LarryMax. Could you give me the contact for deleteing the PATS in the PCM?
      Glad you got yours back on the road, PATS is a PAIN!
      Thanks, Runnin'OnEmpty
    6. Sven1
      Sven1 J_C
      Hi J_C. I'm new here. I'm looking for a CD of repair manuals for my '94 explorer - that I can download via utorrent or ? Any suggestions? My email is rjswan8@gmail.com.
      Regards Sven
      1. J_C
        October 19, 2017 at 9:33 PM
    7. bigred4x4
      Gotta replace those instrument back light bulbs.. Can't see my fuel gauge at night
    8. dlt_lpd
      dlt_lpd Dfred
      Hey D. I saw you wrote back in September about having remote access to your 17 Explorer Platinum. How are you doing this without an embedded modem in that year model?
      1. Dfred
        October 19, 2017 at 3:31 PM
    9. AdamHosman
      AdamHosman jmr061
      Hey I have been looking for some time now about how to upgrade fromMFT to sync 3. No I know this is an Explorer for but I have a 2015 F-150. I was wondering if you had some time and could walk me through what parts I need to buy in order to accomplish this upgrade in my truck.

    10. bigred4x4
      Still high on 4 wheel drive ......but it's wearing off quickly as reality sets in ..work sucks!! 3 days of freedom go by too fast!
    11. Drewmcg
      Drewmcg BrooklynBay
      BrooklynBay: Any thoughts on my transmission issue posted yesterday in the trasnmission forum? Thanks, Drew.
    12. Sitcoms
      Can someone check my build thread and give me some insight on a problem?
    13. FarmageddonNRO
      Ex is currently in the shop, was dumping coolant. I'm guessing it's the water pump, water pump gasket or the timing chain cover gasket.
    14. Dragon90815
      No start, engine turns, fuel and spark okay
      1. Dragon90815
        Checked the fuel inertia switch. found the ground next to computer rusty cleaned and tried to start , no start. had a friend turn the engine while I checked spark. no start . then he said to remove the code reader. did and it started? and it's only Thursday the 12th
        October 12, 2017
      2. Dragon90815
        The code reader wouldn't do the KOEO test.
        October 12, 2017
    15. KevsKustoms
      How do you post on here?
    16. ecintronnazario
      1. Rick likes this.
      2. Rick
        October 12, 2017
    17. 07LTDDSM
      07LTDDSM minelson17
      How did the Supreme lift/leveling kit fit?
    18. SWIGIN
    19. 07LTDDSM
      07LTDDSM Gary D. West II
      Where did you get your three inch leveling kit and what brand? Did you install it yourself or take it to a shop? How as the fitment?
    20. 07LTDDSM
      07LTDDSM odnfpd
      Did you have any issues installing the Supreme lift/leveling kit? Did you do it or did you take it to a shop? Do you think it could have handled a three inch lift up front?
    21. bigred4x4
      Last work week until 4wd freedom.
    22. bigred4x4
      My ex has an appointment tomorrow at 10am good bye bfg ko, hello bfg ko2.
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    23. Joey Sheridan
      Joey Sheridan
      Looking for some decent places to go off roading
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    24. Bobbyjennette
      Just an old retired guy who is a jackleg
    25. Bgdaddyrich
      I Just DIG Explorers. Always have. Idky
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