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    1. Holly Pearson
      Holly Pearson
      Have a 91 ranger stx ext cab 4x4 auto locking hubs 5spd manual 4.0L either looking to sell or for parts, current dd
    2. freddiehebert
      freddiehebert Kikinz24
      I saw you post and was wondering if you could let me know exactly what was needed and what /how did you do this and how did it work out.
      I too have 2015 PIU with only 1 key and would like to add the keyless remote. I'm not worried about the remote start but do want the keyless entry and unlock the rear hatch.
      Look forward to hearing from you.
      Thanks Freddie
    3. Tom Raneri
      Tom Raneri blwnsmoke
      Hello blwnsmoke. Can you please assist me with purchasing Ford ESP for 2017 Explorer Platinum. I am interested in 8 years premium care extended warranty, with $100 deductible. thank you
    4. chadaway
      chadaway 429CJ-3X2
      Hey where were you able to find a bed cab for your sport trac and how much do they run? I can’t find one anywhere
    5. Catclaws
      My husband has turned me into a Ford woman
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    6. Centaurus5.0
      Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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    7. darbstew
      1996 Explorer XLT 5.0
    8. Go Fish
      Go Fish
      Everywhere I go, damn, there I am.
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    9. Dragon90815
      Changed TPS (new) took intake manifold off and clean it along with the throttle body put some 98 octane gas and now runs good. smog test
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    10. Terry Campbell
    11. herlilred96
      Just bought another one today. Hope I won't have as many problems with this one....
    12. 95Xploder2017
      95Xploder2017 jd4242
      But when i was looking into them the sizes are no where near 5.5 they are all 6-9. Also I would like to get new rocker arms and roller lifters instead of the flat tappet ones. Any suggestions
    13. 95Xploder2017
      95Xploder2017 jd4242
      Hey JD. I have a 95 first gen I believe. I'm going to be doing a cam swap soon with the 410. I've been reading all your posts and decided against the 422. I d9nt want to run into any issues with clearance. So my question is what size pushrods should I get. I saw that you put 5.525-5.550. .
    14. Red Torch
      Red Torch
      2010 Sport Trac Limited Adrenalin
    15. Dale Pierce
      Dale Pierce
      Just bought mine new. Signed on to tap into your experience.
    16. Dragon90815
      Okay Failed smog because of High Idle Rpm's How to adjust Idle on a 93 xl anyone know. I cleaned reluctance sensor, new cats, MAF, ICT, etc?
    17. Rick
      Life's the same I'm moving in stereo. Life's the same except for my shoes...
    18. Leejay
      Anyone had trouble with rear window wiper not making contact with glass?
      1. Indispensable Explorer
        Indispensable Explorer
        I have the same thing on my 95, only the lower half actually wipes.
        February 11, 2018
    19. Leejay
      was looking for video on changing oil--my '98 Sport. Found on you tube. Sport about to turn 190,000 mi and she's still running sweet!
    20. Mrsroadhazard7.com
    21. Mrsroadhazard7.com
    22. Spudhut
      Having a JY near your work .... convenient!
    23. Joe Zeni
      Joe Zeni
      Just picked up an '07 ST XLT 4.6L!
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    24. Bikeman5
      Love Harley Davidsons & Fords
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    25. ahamid
      ahamid Keith N
      Hi Keith,

      I was reading your post on PTU oil fill on Explorer NA 2011. Could you please share from where did you insert the tube for fluid removal and refill?

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