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    1. Howard
      Howard Crankcase
      Long time no hear. You ok?
      X gen 3 hit 160k today 4.6l running strong as it did new
    3. Crankcase
      Crankcase Howard
      (Slaps Howard with a dead fish.......)
    4. Chadwickchill
      2000 Ford Explorer SLT AWD 5.0 Project
    5. donroja
      donroja darkunderlord
      Hey dark, did you ever find out any info on where to tap into the system with the loc? I'm getting ready to try it with a 2016 with the Sony system, I'm just not sure if I'm tapping into the factory sub wires or rear door... Probably a dumb question, but if you ended up doing this and have a factory sub, did you disconnect it or let it play? Thanks.
      1. Lexingtonian
    6. donroja
      donroja GeoGeek
      Hey Geo, I'm interested in the well subwoofer setup you did on your 2016 Explorer. If you still have the pdf available, I'd love to check it out. My email is jplindell@gmail.com, thanks.
    7. Turdle
      Need non working mach radio (with rds button) display power board
    8. Chato308
      Chato308 01STrunner
      How similar is your Sport Trac to the 3rd Gen explorers? Debating on buying either a 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen to SAS. I've been following project LazyBoy but he hasn't posted in a while and didn't go into as much detail as the Mountaineer project. My specific questions are the transfer case
    9. Joe jones
      Joe jones Rick
      Thanks Rick!
      1. Rick likes this.
    10. D HAWK
      D HAWK
      Switch on 91 explorer 4.0 XLT 4x4. it's on top (passenger trans) just front of the shifter, in line with back up switch. what it is called.
    11. Ricky Bobby
      Ricky Bobby
      Trying to figure why my explorer is lean.... GRRR
    12. Turdle
      which way did they go? I must find them. I am their leader.
    13. TxCowgirlInCo
      Well, 400+ hours later....spent under 2.0, researching & talking to experts, finally have a handle on the squirrely 1st Gen TTB setup.
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    14. Centaurus5.0
      Knew an Explorer Owner
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    15. Mattre69
      New Explorer Owner
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    16. Turdle
      Are we having fun yet?
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    17. Turdle
      Last to know and just along for the ride.
    18. Lynn Rosenthal
      Lynn Rosenthal
      new to this site, new to Explorer ownership, finding it difficult to get information from the site or in general
    19. Centaurus5.0
      There are two things in life, and I forgot them both.
    20. Joel Baldwin
      Joel Baldwin
      Want to know how to turn off tpms message...
    21. Cheddar Dan
      Cheddar Dan
      It looks like the end, but God has a new beginning!
    22. Kavin
      Time for me to start learning to be my own mechanic...(per say)
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    23. Gipper
      MY headcase of a gasket is still blown. At least someone is getting some at this address. does anyone know the number to the repair fairy?
    24. Gipper
      currently have 500 bucks invested in a 98 eddie bauer that needs a headgasket or two. plus I don't know what else.
    25. Centaurus5.0
      When you go down to where you know, don't forget what you don't know.

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