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    1. Schuyler
      Love my 5.0 awd explorer
    2. Exploring XLT
      Exploring XLT
      Limited Slip = Unlimited Fun!
    3. john hunt
    4. Little_hoopday_that_could
      Questioning my decision making ability or maybe about to bang my head against the transmission bell housing to see if it makes me smarter.
    5. Sprink02
      Getting back into on & off road.
    6. kodiakbrown2013
      kodiakbrown2013 admin
      Hi Sir,

      I have a 2013 ford explorer limited(2nd Row Bucket Seats with Center Console) and i want to change the center console to a seat to make it 7 seating. I found a complete set of 2nd row seat from ebay which is a 2012 model and have the same color of my 2013 seats(black and brown). I just wanna ask if the 2012
      seats will match 2013 seats?

      Thanks in Advance
      1. Rick
        July 15, 2017 at 12:44 PM
    7. Pat Kelley
      Pat Kelley JK080
      JK080 - I have a 2004 Ranger Fx4 with a 5r55e that appears to have ate the OD sprag (goes in 1 and 2, no D or R). I live close to Woodstock and it looks like you're in North GA. Do you have a business and would you quote a rebuild. I can pull the unit and deliver.

    8. rewind1
      rewind1 BigRondo
    9. BrianT
      BrianT peterk9
      Can you please tell me what name is on the charge when you pay for an Elite Explorer membership
      is it RICKHORWITZ
    10. Little_hoopday_that_could
      Anyone have a time machine I can borrow to skip to end of what wrong with the trans on my ranger I just bought to save me time for a change?
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    11. Hunterlanigan
      Hunterlanigan jah81592
      Hello, I was wondering if you could selle a tune for my 00 5.0 explorer?
    12. Charlie wood
      Charlie wood
      Frustrated with my tranny. Trans won't catch a gear going down hills "big" hills
    13. Len.Keis
      Forum Newbie : )
    14. Annie adkins
      Annie adkins
      Tracking my ride
    15. Tom jenner
      Tom jenner
      Trying to fix nephews electric windows on 2002 Explorer stuck in up position buttons for windows does nothing.
      1. Tom jenner
        Tom jenner
        I'm disabled with Multiple Sclerosis so I can't get under dash to check fuses. Could it possibly be a fuse or a relay under the hood. Looking for help
        July 6, 2017
    16. Watchingitburn
      It's better to burn out than fade away...
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    17. cbach1997
      Chasing that voltage oscillation leprechaun...Would be nice if I could upload a profile photo.
    18. Kendreth
      Waiting on the dealer for wheels and a grill!
    19. mikecombs66
      2014 Ford Explorer Sport in Miami
    20. SKB
      SKB copter7
      Did you ever resolve the MFT phone screen freeze issue?
    21. SKB
      SKB 613GT500
      Did you ever solve the MFT phone screen freeze issue?
    22. Tango51
      Back at it again...
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    23. Gldaugh
      2017 Sport
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    24. johnrhare757
      hi im john i have a 1993 exolorer that im making a trail rig with andone else on here have a 93 explorer sport???
      1. Rick
        There are a lot of them on the site. Not many people are checking these profile posts though. Try posting in the main forum.
        June 29, 2017
    25. Kendreth
      2017 explorer xlt received!
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