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Restoration Projects - Hot Rods - Muscle Cars

Do you have a non-Explorer project that you would like to show off? Let's see what you're working on!

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    1. WormsExplorer
      That looks beautiful.
    2. Sport100
      Need this part Reinforcement for 2001 Sport trac built 20/09/2000 holds gas tank strap located the front bracket of rear leaf spring 4 bolts bottom 2 at top on rear cab crossmember.
    3. Sport100
      Sport Trac 2001 built 20/09/2000 This is what it looks like. Looking for a replacement. Located next to the reinforcement bracket DS held with 4 bolts 2 top fastened to front box crossmember 2 to...
    4. Sport100
      this is what the gusset next to the reinforcement should look like see next pic
    5. Rick
      I don't know how I've missed this until now, but that is a cool photochop!!

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