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    1. WormsExplorer
      Thanks man. I will be waiting on pins a needles LOL
    2. bigred4x4
      I'll take some pics and post them here I had a pic of the built unit before installation until my cloud got held hostage by Verizon apparently it costs a monthly fee now.:dunno:
    3. WormsExplorer
      That is Awesome. Thank you for the info. Will be getting the parts to get it installed on mine. Got any Pictures of the build :-) Yeah I know a lot of questions. :-) I like how the front of our...
    4. bigred4x4
      First I started with a universal winch plate from harbor freight, chopped it down on both sides, then got some 4x4 1/4" angle iron two 1 foot sections at my local metal shop I go to for custom...
    5. WormsExplorer
      Do you have a build of how you got your Winch in there? I LOVE how it looks and that is what I would like for mine.

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