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    April 19, 2018 at 8:37 PM
      1. donalds
      2. Chris Cajun
        Chris Cajun
        Hey buddy, I was reading a post about power adders ( heads) on the sport trac, and you mentioned the Greenville dragstrip. Where about do you live? I just got my 01 ST, I live in Chesnee. Do they have any meets or the like ariund here? I had a miata before this an did the whole supercharged-E85 injected thing before a drunk driver hit me head on. Anyhow my name is Chris Siebenthall, talk with ya later!
      3. Coffeecrazed1023
        My husband just replaced the timing chains, tensioner, and cassettes, He finished it yesterday, when he went to crank the truck up, it Ran well, the first initial crank up. But then later after it warmed up, it proceeded to rattle. From what we could hear, sounds like it’s cominh from the front left chain. Do you have any ideas as to what could cause this? Please help me!
        Thank you so much! :)
      4. Devan
        Hey street rod how's it going I'm looking at your coolant reservoir modification on your M90 install page and I'm wondering where you got the fitting that attaches to the coolant reservoir
      5. Drewmcg
        I'm replacing a 2002 4.0L SOHC with a good engine. I've seen/read a lot of posts about failed harmonic balancers.

        RockAuto has an oem ford updated harmonic balancer, Ford. P/N: 8L2Z-6B321-C, for about $100 delivered. What do you think? Install new at that cost or roll dice with the 116k unit, which seemed to wobble a little but not too much (and no squeel) on the replacement engine before I started taking it apart"
      6. Devan
        Hey I'm wondering if you ever finished up the throttle cable bracket and hookup for your m90 install post. I'm building a similar Intake assembly to yours
      7. PopRichie77
        Need some help how do I insert pics. or img. Other forums that I belonged to copy and past worked. Can't figure this one out. Thanks Rich
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      Greenville, SC
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      00 Sport FI, 03 Ltd V8
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      Vehicle Specs:
      4.0L SOHC, LMAF, 75mm throttle body, intercooled M90 supercharger, high flow exhaust/4.6L SOHC
      2000 Sport/2003 Limited
      5R55E, remote full flow oil filter/5R55S
      Transfer Case:
      Front Axle:
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      BFG P235/75R15XL Long Trail T/A Tour
      Accusump, A/F ratio meter, remote full & bypass engine oil filters, thermostat controlled oil cooler
      Retired electrical engineer

      Automotive tinkering, home energy conservation, landscaping

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