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      1. askingxforxit
        Hey Al,

        I've been reading your posts and thinking I want to do a couple things you have done. I seeking your opinion on two items I want to purchase. According to your posts you received 7RWHP with the 73mm MAF and I think you said about 7RWHP with the 70mm TB.

        My questions is; are these numbers due to your custom tune or should I expect similar numbers with factory tune?

        I am in no hurry for a reply and I thank you for your time and all the informative threads you've started.

      2. jonlax
        Looking to purchase some AMSOIL for the diffs and transfer case but no dealers around me that i can find. Would you still happen to be a dealer and if so is shipping possible?

      3. 2000StreetRod
        Greetings Al,
        Do you have any idea why my 2000 SOHC would cold start and idle better with the MAF sensor electrical plug disconnected than when it is connected? It's as if the PCM recognizes at ignition ON that the MAF signal is not present and uses a default value which is better than the actual value. The integrated IAT is not a factor because I've resistance tested it. I've simulated the MAF sensor output with a voltage source set to 0.8 volts. The engine cold starts and idles steady with the simulated MAF. No OBD-II codes get set. I'll try cleaning the MAF today since it may have been contaminated with oil from my new air filter. Even if that solves the cold start problem, it doesn't explain why the engine starts cold and idles so well with the MAF disconnected.

        You recently posted that you had finally achieved rock solid idle as a result of a custom fuel economy tune. What factor do you think contributed most to the steady idle?
        Regards, Dale
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