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    January 18, 2018 at 9:14 AM
    November 11, 2005
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    April 25, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Handyman for general repairs.


    Moderator & long time member., Male, 47

    Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

    Check the cooling system with a pressure tester to see if it's leaking from a hose or the thermostat housing. December 29, 2017

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    January 18, 2018 at 9:14 AM
      1. gdomr99
        Do you still have the hollander interchangeable parts PDF? The megaupload link died and it would be really useful to have.
        1. BrooklynBay
          It's attached to a post in the Aerostar parts in Explorers thread.
          January 16, 2018 at 10:58 PM
        2. gdomr99
      2. BrooklynBay
        Check the cooling system with a pressure tester to see if it's leaking from a hose or the thermostat housing.
      3. Michael Wartmann
        Michael Wartmann
        Need some help. I think that the thermostat housing unit on my 04 explorer is leaking. Have fluid on top of the engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated
      4. anderson83
        I think the problem with the shift solenoids: because, due to his own stupidity, did not mark them before removing. The solenoids all different and have (at the coil and the nozzle) there are rooms: 3.1/1.1; 1.3/1.2; 2.7/1.2; 3.4/1.4 respectively. Please help me how to install them correctly. Thank you in advance!
      5. anderson83
        Good day! I apologize for the inconvenience, but asking for your help: after installation on an automatic transmission 5R55Е new clutch, steel wheels, seals, gaskets, servopistons, brake bands, and install in a valve body Superior Shift Kit with new gaskets, lost all gears, no drive, reverse, 1 and 2.
      6. Drewmcg
        BrooklynBay: Any thoughts on my transmission issue posted yesterday in the trasnmission forum? Thanks, Drew.
      7. Bobmbx

        What happened to photos in our posts that were linked from Photobucket? I ask because in one of posts from NOv 2014 had some pics of wiring harness insulation failures, and now they've been replaced with some weird invitation to upgrade my Photobucket account. Is there a way to put those pics back into the post?
        1. BrooklynBay
          Photobucket was free until recently. They suddenly decided to charge a yearly fee of $400 so all of the forums where photos were linked got ruined.
          August 20, 2017
      8. JK080
        1. BrooklynBay
          Could you send me that link again? I clicked it but it doesn't work. I think that he's better off contacting Rick since he's able to delete an account.
          August 5, 2017
        2. JK080
      9. Tim Jacques
        Tim Jacques
        I recently purchased a use Ford Edge Limited and it has the documented issue with the transmission thumping on the the way up at 30 mph. How do I determine which service bulletin would go with my issue and get this fixed?
      10. Goly73
        I have a 2013 Explorer Sport. I had to bring it in for service today because the speed has been limited to 80 MPH. The "MyKey" function is aslo no longer in the cluster, for either of my keys. I bought it brand new and have never seen this before, I was wondering if you have heard of this or know someone who has. Any help would be much appreciated.
      11. Goly73
        Hello Brooklyn Bay,
        Do you have any contact information of a "Higher up" in Ford service?
      12. 08EddieCA
        Hi BrooklynBay,
        I am trying to upload some photos from my Nikon D5300. I keep getting a security error after the picture is uploaded. Do you know what would cause this?
        Thank you.
        1. 08EddieCA
          Still having difficulty adding photos
          March 24, 2017
      13. Omegabolt
        Hi, need some help!, Parts are difficult to find here in New Zealand! I have had my Explorer diagnosed, faulty EGR valve
        Currently cant find the part, considered deleting the valve.. I'd prefer to replace the part but, has anyone done this?
        1. Jenny.Mondial
          Hi parts aren't always difficult - what make and model is your explorer and whereabouts are you? I'm in chc and have a few contacts as I have a 2005 V8 LTD with the electronic controls.
          December 22, 2016
        2. Jenny.Mondial
          I'm looking for a purple tip injector if anyone has one ....
          December 22, 2016
      14. Ron McIntire
        Ron McIntire
        I am just starting to learn how to use this forum. About 5 days ago I bought a 2000 Ford Explorer and I want to put some good tires on it. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I was looking at some AT tires and would hope they are quiet enough.
      15. Abhpuente
        Hello, I have a question. I have a 2014 ford explorer limited edition with the 3.5 engine (not twin turbo). I was wondering do you know if they sell supercharger kits or turbocharger kits? Or can I add the twin turbos on my car that the sport has???? Help please!
      16. jposr
        Do u where the Horns are in an 01 Explorer Sport?
      17. Icuff4cash
        Got a tire question. It's going to be 4 weeks before I get the van back. I have the stock 14" rims and caps. Big O,discount and Walmart are offering general grabber ta in 225-75-14. $99.00
        I was looking for rims used 15"-4 are running 160-200 not counting lug or center cap. New rims and lugs I can get $45.00 each. Then the 235-75-15 are $125. On sale this would give me 2 inches of ground clearance from 6-8.
      18. SparkyJak
        I was wondering if a 94 4.0 V6 will work in my 96 explorer sport
        1. BrooklynBay
          The 1994 uses EEC-IV, and the 1996 uses OBD-II so you will have to transfer several things over from one engine to another.
          July 31, 2016
        2. SparkyJak
          Please list what I need to transfer or would it be better to find a different engine
          July 31, 2016
        3. BrooklynBay
          I think that the fuel injection wiring harness might be different. I remember reading another thread about a swap. The older engine didn't fire each fuel injector individually like the newer engines. Compare the color codes, the number of terminals on the fuel injector harness, the type of sensors on each engine, and the number of pins on each bulkhead. Compare the fuel pressure regulator from both engines.
          July 31, 2016
      19. Jackson9373
        Hey BrooklynBay, I just bought a 2001 Sports Trac and its been having problems with a leak coming from the rack and pinion. I have been doing my homework and I am buying the complete unit from RockAuto.com. I am taking it to a shop since i don't have the knowledge or proper tools to do it myself. How can I check what kind of make/model i should get to replace the one i already have?
        1. View previous comments...
        2. BrooklynBay
          Prestone makes power steering fluid with stop leak & a conditioner.
          August 2, 2016
        3. Jackson9373
          Well I meant what brand or model Rack and pinion I am supposed to be looking for. Its come to the point where it does need to be replaced but like i said I have no clue what I am doing. Is there some way i can know what rack and pinion model I need?
          August 7, 2016
        4. BrooklynBay
          Moog is a good brand.
          August 8, 2016
      20. rv4fun
        Brooklyn, what the hell has gotten into the folks running this forum? Do they really think they can force people to buy their paid membership by hounding them with pop-ups that block the reading of messages. Well, f**k 'em. I'm out of here. Thanks for your help in the past but I'm not a fan at all of the changes they've made. There's another Aerostar forum and I'll use it from now on. See you later.
        Donald Ford
        1. BrooklynBay
          Don't leave the forum over this. You could always come back if you need help with something.
          July 28, 2016
      21. Icuff4cash
        I read the down load I thought the exchange book told you that a seat from a Lincoln could be used in a Oldsmobile . So bone yards can swap parts from one to the other
      22. Icuff4cash
      23. Icuff4cash
        Hi it's me again ha ha,a while ago did you send me a photo of a home made coil spring compresser. Next week when my lift comes in I want to install it. The cheapest coil compresser I found was $45.00. If you made one what changes any and the size of the unit. If I remember it was flat stock and rod.
        1. BrooklynBay
          It's just a threaded rod anchor bolt with an electrical blank plate.
          June 13, 2016
      24. Icuff4cash
        Hi I'm trying to remove the rear fiberglass bumper I removed the 3/8 out rigger bolts by the fender flaps. And the 4 bumper bolts. The instructions said it should skins off. I beat it with a 3 pound sledgehammer and crow bar won't come off. The photo only shows 4 are there more bolts
        Robert Las Vegas
      25. Icuff4cash
        Hi brook I search the form and can't find anything on cai, beside some cool noise I'm not ready to snorkel the pug shuttle until I get into full westfilia mode. There's no section were guys have turned vans into campers why not. Can I buy the hard were to turn my bench seats into fold down beds. I figured it's just the side latch.
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      April 25, 1970 (Age: 47)
      Handyman for general repairs.
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      Brooklyn, NY
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      88 89 93 95 96 Aerostars
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      I was always interested in working with my hands, and fixing things. My friends pushed me into doing it for a living since they always needed things to be fixed, and recommended me to other people.

      My interests are with computers, electronics (schematic designs), cars, and working with all kind of tools.

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