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    December 1, 2016
      1. dbailey
        Thanks Don. Taking it to a shop tomorrow to have a compression test and fuel pressure test done and see what that reveals. Guy said he'd just charge me $75 to do it. Since I don't own a gage to do the compression test nor the fuel pressure I gotta take it in.
      2. CDW6212R
        I'd do the fuel pressure first, that is easy and a common cause of various symptoms. A leak down test would help to determine if the valves and rings etc, are sealing properly. That's for more serious issues, hopefully that's not your issue.
      3. CDW6212R
        I understand the frustration you are feeling. I have a similar miss(stumble) with my 302, randomly at take off or accelerating. I found a bad coil and changed two sets, checking fuel pressure along the way.

        Check your fuel pressure again, over and over if needed. Mine finally checked a little low the last time I did it, so I believe my issue is a weak pump. I had 28psi last week, which is right at the edge of being too low. But it's likely varying while driving, whether cold or hot etc. Any dip will create stumbling like I have.

        If your truck is a 99+, then it needs about 60psi minimum. I had a cracked fuel pump rubber line in my 1999 Explorer, which finally showed with a test of 55psi. I hope that is your issue, at least you will have found it.
      4. CDW6212R
        I've just gotten back on the forum.

        I would expect their labor to do the main front timing chain work to be a good 8-12 hours, a guess of how dealer labor rates run. For a non-pro it's an all day job if you take it easy. I need to do mine again, front and back(it's time again - 160k miles). Regards,
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