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    September 5, 2017
      1. K80
        Hi, Glacier! I still have the mousepad you sent me years ago...I use it every day!
      2. anderson83
        I think the problem with the shift solenoids: because, due to his own stupidity, did not mark them before removing. The solenoids all different and have (at the coil and the nozzle) there are rooms: 3.1/1.1; 1.3/1.2; 2.7/1.2; 3.4/1.4 respectively. Please help me how to install them correctly. Thank you in advance!
      3. anderson83
        Good day! I apologize for the inconvenience, but asking for your help: after installation on an automatic transmission 5R55Е new clutch, steel wheels, seals, gaskets, servopistons, brake bands, and install in a valve body Superior Shift Kit with new gaskets, lost all gears, no drive, reverse, 1 and 2.
      4. stfree
        Hi, Good Sir.
        I have a A4LD in a 1990 Ranger here in Costa Rica. I've studied your post #52 My A4LD Rebuild Diary - Part 3, 2nd half - Reassembly tagged "Lever removal" but I can't see if I can accomplish JUST this part with the transmission complete and in the truck. Any advice would be appreciated. In addition to the rubber parts, I do have a sleeve in case the bore is worn, which I expect is the problem.
      5. AtariJeff001
        Chris, have you ever seen transmission fluid that was literally silver in color, from ultrafine particles suspended in the fluid, with no grittiness to speak of and no burnt or other symptom? It's summertime and I'm starting to get overheat symptoms (vent tube spitting, pressure loss when hot). Thanks! -edit: converter failure possibly? I've got an external filter as well for better protection (hopefully).
      6. Jwl78
        Year, Model & Trim Level:2001 ford,explorer sport
        O have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport with no Auto 4X4 or traction control. Therefore the wbm I believe will not work on my vehicle. Does anybody know another way two wiring. A mod to engage my 4 wheel drive system do to a bad 4x4 CM I believe. I would appreciate the input.
      7. larrydd999
        Glacier, it's been about 10 years since your excellent A4LD rebuild diary. Could you find the time to comment on things that you learned, would do differently, etc.? I'm contemplating purchasing a '94 Limited that needs transmission work and doing it myself. I don't plan to go as far as you did (I'm no transmission expert) but certainly plan to use your write-up as a guide.
      8. Stanleyjd
        whats ben lee's handle on here? i need to order of those fancy serious explorations license plate bracket for another member that mailed me a radio.

      9. K80
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