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    build rescue equipment for the government


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    Elite Explorer

    Its my birthday! ! November 11, 2016

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      1. 95Xploder2017
        But when i was looking into them the sizes are no where near 5.5 they are all 6-9. Also I would like to get new rocker arms and roller lifters instead of the flat tappet ones. Any suggestions
      2. 95Xploder2017
        Hey JD. I have a 95 first gen I believe. I'm going to be doing a cam swap soon with the 410. I've been reading all your posts and decided against the 422. I d9nt want to run into any issues with clearance. So my question is what size pushrods should I get. I saw that you put 5.525-5.550. .
      3. c130marine@yahoo
        sorry about all the small messages..it wouldnt let me post anything more than 420 characters. had to chop it up...
      4. c130marine@yahoo
        #6Thanks man, i just dont want to buy a shitty brand of china lifters, or pushrods that are junk. and lastly if i do throw some cast at the top end, and she runs nice, I might consider keeping her a v6 and going with forced induction. But no fricken way am i willing to spend 2k to do that. It would have to be buying adapter and using a t bird blower or cobra 4v puffer from a terminator

      5. c130marine@yahoo
        #5and they would already know what valve to send me? Im kinda in a time crunch and every post i find is 6+ yrs old...any help would be greatly appreciated. you can reach me here or at c130marine@yahoo.com or if you want to call 252-626 2652. Im a retired Marine, and going to school. so if i dont answer please dont think im blowing you off....leave a message or call back.
      6. c130marine@yahoo
        #4here is where i need help....do you anyone who has rocker spacers? anyone who makes diff ratio rockers? do the heads absolutely have to be milled for the larger diameter springs? and possibly thinking, might be better to buy new set of bare castings, buy springs to match heads and possibly valves. 1.8 1.4. is there a place i could call and give my application
      7. c130marine@yahoo
        #3 and i find a collapsed lifter. so now the heads are coming off. im pissed. well i thought ill throw lil bumpstick in her, run the 95tm heads(get lil compression) loose the cats and manifolds....make this puppy have some new life and screw it, maybe ill look into a diesel swap when i get out of this homeowners association and get a shop?
      8. c130marine@yahoo
        #2 Then build a tranny crossmember...anyway Im a mustang guy and I need a daily. so the ranger is it. I parked the 4.0 when i thought i blew the lower intake gasket. Its been 18 months? well now i need a daily. so i crack open the mighty(lol) 4,0 and besides seeing a lot of rust coated parts, i went to compression test to make sure i didn't blow a head gasket or have a cracked head,
      9. c130marine@yahoo
        #1hey brother, I could really use some assistance/guidance... I have a 91 stx 4.0 OHV 4x4. I already have put in 5.13 front and rear did a cut and turn on the dana 35 and she rides on 37.7 mudders. long story short I was planning a 347 with a b&m174 swap. But the stand alone computer for the 4r70w and building the trans was like a 1700 deal plus i had to try and fig what transfer case i was going to use.
      10. jd4242
        Its my birthday! !
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      11. jd4242
        Sorry if anyone is trying to PM me.I need to renew my elite status soon.can always email me at jhd421981@gmail
      12. RustySJohnson
        The pics of your Truck on the 8" or above of lift thread are awesome, you nailed it.
      13. jd4242
      14. pat3
        hay where can i see the pics of your x
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      build rescue equipment for the government
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      92explorer&94 ranger
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      4.0 ohv SC
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      power acoustics
      born in the city,raised in the sticks;)

      women and fast cars


      92 xl 5.5"duff arms,3"BL,PJ 36x14.50,wrapped headers,side dump exhaust,.20 over,HF oil pump,422cam,45cc 95tm p+p 10.67:1 heads,p+p lower manifold,75mm TB,90mm maf,36lbs injectors,P+P GM M90 Supercharged & intercooled!!SCT tuned!!electric fan,4.88s aussie locked front & back!!next NOS&W/M

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