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    January 17, 2018 at 11:37 PM
    March 23, 2011
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    music industry (i also do side work in a biolab)


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    January 17, 2018 at 11:37 PM
      1. Jackson9373
        Hey Lono100, I just bought my 2001 Sports Trac. I had a question about your tire choice and lift. Did it affect your mpg? I haven't done anything to it but it came with some Nitto Terra grappler tires and what i been told is, the tires are too heavy and makes braking a bitch and how do you like your new shocks?
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      2. LONO100
        wood - im such a moron when it comes to forums. i just noticed the message you left me for the welding manual, and yes, that would be awesome if you could email me a pdf, if the offer still stands, if not, no worries. my email is underground707@gmail.com.

        mounty - im in solano co., just look for vallejo on a bay area map. just message me any time, id be glad to show you some cool trails and parks out here.
      3. mounty71
        Hey, what's up? So I'm moving up to the Bay Area in 2 or 3 weeks and I'm gonna need someone to go exploring with up there! Just figured I'd say hey since I know you're in the area. When I get up there we'll have to meet up. Where are you in the bay area?
      4. wood1
        Dude, I have the US Army's welding manual in pdf. Want it?
      5. LONO100
        hey all, im loving my new aussie lockers, they are awesome. my next project was going to be installing a set of off road lights on my roof basket, but now my new next project that im doing some homework on is upgrading my tire size from my current 30"s to 32"s or possibly 33"s. i would really like some 33"s, but if i have to do some major trimming i think im going with some 32"s. already planning my TT/shackle job so i can fit these puppies on and i will also be looking to sell my current tires first. any help or advice is always welcome.
      6. LONO100
        im ready to buy a set of new shocks, but i cant decide. im not trying to go all out, its just a 2WD, so ive narrowed it down to the monroe sensatracs, procomp es3000, and skyjacker hydro 7000. which one to get?
      7. LONO100
        hey all, just bought a 2003 SPORT TRAC XLT and loving it. can't wait for the summer. im in the market for some aftermarket shocks. looking for some that ride good on the freeway, with a stiffer ride, but still good enough to hit the trails or go up into the mountains occasionally. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.
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      music industry (i also do side work in a biolab)
      City, State:
      Bay Area CA
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      03 sport trac XLT
      Country - Optional:
      Vehicle Specs:
      4.0 V6 OHV, KN MAF intake
      Transfer Case:
      2WD, dont hate!
      Front Axle:
      Rear Axle:
      ford 8.8 solid equipped with aussie lockers XD48331
      33" goodyear duratrac R15
      black american racing AR-767
      Audio/Video and Navigation:
      cobra DX 19 III, magnet mount
      Sliders / Bumpers:
      rancho RS5000, thule moab basket w/ highlift jack ready to go, black billet grill, punisher emblems
      my 360 gamertag: FAIRFIELDALLDAY, my PSN ID: buzzkillingtnIII

      SPORTS! basketball, footbal, baseball, boxing, softball, mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding. hiking, camping, fishing, cooking, music, drinking, reading, tinkering in the garage, tinkering in the studio, and of course my truck.



      my rides:
      2003 Sport Trac XLT
      2018 XLT
      JEEP JK Sahara, 2016 Lowe Fishing Machine 165 and too many bikes to list!

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