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    January 14, 2015
    November 14, 2004
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    August 20, 1980 (Age: 37)
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    currently looking for a new job


    Southern Cali Explorer, 37

    Sams01XplrSprt was last seen:
    January 14, 2015
      1. Triton8273
        sorry i couldn't come up with anything else to say
      2. Triton8273
        nice X...lookin good.................................................................................
      3. loneinventor
        i hope it works out to drive out to cali with my kid. i'm looking for an evo 8 for him to buy , he has one in oki now that he races. won his division last year with it . wanted to send it home but would cost 20k . so we're going to build one when he's in pa , and drive that out to cali .......
      4. loneinventor
        my son's name is casey thomas he will be 23 in july , he to is in the marines , small world ..
      5. loneinventor
        how the heck do you find time to have 12,000 posts ? i might actually might be heading out your way soon. my son is re-stationed to Pendelton , he wants me to drive out with him and then fly back . he's in Okinawa right now. sorry for the spelling....
      6. slyfoxexplore
        ya man this is slyexplore Aim is leestafford100
      7. 2000XPLORERSPORT
        no i was saying i have the 10,000k yellow headlight h.i.d. bulbs for sale.you got yellow fog lights right? i have yellow headlight bulbs that are h.i.d. for sale.you just need to get a h.i.d. kit for the bulbs to work.i only want $20.00 for the bulbs.
      8. 2000XPLORERSPORT
        i see you got yellow fog lights on your ex.i got a pair of 9007 10,000k yellow h.i.d. bulbs brand new for sale.you got to have the ballast,but i will sell you the bulbs.they will match your fog lights! let me know if your interested.
      9. TekMan05
        Yeah I got aim but I gotta download it again. It's TekMan05!
      10. RubySlow
        yo the name is kody, and I would bro but I aint got the funds, but if u want me or need help working on ur car I would help ya homez
      11. 2001 Sport 4x4
        2001 Sport 4x4
        ya AIM runningfool79
      12. 2001 Sport 4x4
        2001 Sport 4x4
        I think i got the 50 series an i just the single in and out, this winter i want to get some mandrel bent pipes an redo it cuz the shop that bent the tube and put it all in almost crimped some of the bends. did you do anything with the cats?
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      August 20, 1980 (Age: 37)
      Home Page:
      currently looking for a new job
      City, State:
      Newport Beach California & Bay Area California
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      2001 Sport (sold)
      Country - Optional:
      Vehicle Specs:
      5'10 1/2 brown hair brown eyes and my nationality is persian aka iranian

      working on my 07 altima 2.5 s, collect scale model cars & sport cards, big time raiders & lakers fan, smoke cigs & cigars & pipes & hookah, playing sports


      Yahoo! Messenger:


      2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 sohc engine. Mods include: dual 40 series flowmasters & high flow k&n air filter & removed silencer & yellow fog lights (sold for $1,800) as of 2-26-12

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