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03 Exp Steering shaft and throttle cable help

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by 03Mach1, June 6, 2012.

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    1. 03Mach1

      03Mach1 Member

      November 28, 2006
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      New Orleans, La
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      03 XLT
      2003 Explorer 2wd Auto 4.0FFV

      I noticed that at the bottom end of the steering shaft near where it connects to the rack there is a boot and mine is torn. I think it is what they call the steering rack boot and I know MOOG makes a replacement. My question is do I just pack it with grease when I put the new one on? Looking at some of the pics of the MOOG piece it almost looks like as if there is a hose connection at the boot. I do have a leak in the power steering system so I am wondering if this is where the leak is at. Right now the leak shows itself by me finding PS fluid on the bottom of the K Member and there is some inside of it as well if I stick my finger into the holes on the underside of the K member.

      On the throttle cable, I had some work done on the truck and it almost looks to me like they changed the routing of the cable. Can anyone get or possibly have a decent pic showing the routing of the throttle cable. Right now mine makes a big loop on the drivers side of the engine compartment over the master cylinder and I don't remember seeing it like that before.
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