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1970 Bronco 5.0L HO Mustang 1991

Discussion in 'EEC IV' started by imp, January 20, 2017.

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    1. imp

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      November 12, 2009
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      2004 XLT
      Not sure where to OP this. In 1996, having owned two 5.0 Mustangs, an '89 and '90, then putting a Whipplecharger on the '89, I was hooked! Always loved the old Bronco originals, picked up a '70 derelict, an ad from a Ford Parts guy who bought at auction through his dealership, '91 wrecked Police Car, engine and trans, T-5, $800. I was off and running! Got the whole wiring harness from the guy, miscellaneous parts, obtained the Ford wiring diagrams, the card-table size ones so hard to follow. Anyhow, like a fool, I took few pics, gave the truck to my nephew after using it for years on the farm in Missouri. It ran beautifully, easily jerked that short wheelbase front wheels off the ground! He restored the body, gave it paint, and has since sold it to a buddy in the Marines with him. Few nights ago, he sent these pics.

      Tried to use as much Mustang stuff as possible, as can be seen, inlet ductwork connected to intake by a metal food can. Folks seeing me measuring cans of food in the store thought I was nuts! Radiator, front eng. accessories, with smog pump, serpentine, air filter housing, all Mustang.

      Had to pass emissions in Phoenix, so detailed smog junk had to be present, including the pump dump which ran back into the tailpipe. Used no catalytics at all, passed emissions easily, CO was 0.00%!

      It sat on '70 302 mounts, used the S/S headers original from Ford. The driveline was a challenge, described at bottom of OP.

      Cleared Master Cylinder by 1/2", like it was made for it! Other conversions using power brakes have an angled special booster mount aftermarket available, for clearance. The under-dash clutch hook-up used the Mustang plastic cable quadrant (hated that thing!), I mounted the pedal pivot with needle bearings instead of plastic bushing, worked slick as snot!

      No way I was about to give up that crawler's capabilities, definitely wanted 4X4. Learned Jeep had used the T-5 transmission. Problem was, their adaptor to Transfer Case used different O/D gear diameters than Mustang's, had to buy the 2 gears, and the adaptor, from a Jeep dealer, the Dana Spicer Transfer Case bolted right up! The stock Bronco driveshafts were used, the back one having the factory double-cardan C-V joint. I found a complete '72 front axle assembly with disc brakes, that updating the old drum brakes with Dana 35 to Dana 44. No proportioning valve was used, the brakes workied just fine. Most of the wiring harness was used as-is, lengthwise. I wound up putting the computer in the glove box! My next conversion was a '68 Mustang with 351W, I have a few pics of that one, ask. imp
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