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1997 ford 4x4 explorer open roadster dune buggy mud toy assembled street legal title

Discussion in 'Amazon - E-bay - Craigslist & Other Listings' started by toypaseo, March 23, 2012.

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    1. toypaseo

      toypaseo Flunked daycare Elite Explorer

      January 3, 2003
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      outside shovelling snow
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      ................ 96 XLT ™
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    3. Anime

      Anime EF YEAH!! Elite Explorer

      November 6, 2000
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      2016 EX Sport Concept
      Hm, a '97 with 52,000 miles? Says the hack job was done in 2003...must be some interesting story behind that if it was never really driven much.

      Good idea for when body work is too much to handle, though. Rather have the Explorer wheels. Not bad for $2,995, but I've seen NICE Explorers for $1,000 so I'd have to pass.

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