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2000 model problems issues

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by sc4x4, March 27, 2006.

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    1. sc4x4

      sc4x4 New Member

      March 13, 2005
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      Columbus, OH
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      97 5.0, 2000 sport
      I am looking at at 2000 2 door sport with the 4.0 OHV and auto. Did ford have all the problems worked out of the 4.0 OHV by 2000? Explorer has 98,650 miles on it definetly high for a 2000, it was a fleet vehicle. Were there any other problems with this model year? transmission? rear axle? I searched recalls and did not find any for this year and model. I now early explorers fried transmissions alot, have never really heard any thing bad about the 4.o ohv, I have read issues with the 4.o sohc. Please give me all your input good, bad or ugly

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    3. gijoecam

      gijoecam Village Idiot Elite Explorer

      May 31, 1999
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      Trenton, MI
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      98 ExSport, '00 F-150
      The 4.0 OHV had been around for the better part of a decade at that point, and yes they had the bugs worked out of it for the most part. The engine isn't the most powerful one they ever made, but with regular maintenance it'll last forever. Decent amounts of low-end torque, but not a very high-revving motor.

      Things to look for: Front differential seals, bad CV joints, front ball joints, regular transmission maintenance (should have the 5R55E, and they hold up pretty well with regular fluid/filter changes).

      100,000 miles on a 6-year old vehicle is pretty normal, or even a little low by some standards. It'll be long past due for shocks, I'm sure, especially if it was a fleet vehicle.


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