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2002 4.0 sohc rear cassette replacement - availability

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by skid809, February 7, 2011.

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    1. skid809

      skid809 New Member

      March 10, 2009
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      Bellevue, MI
      I picked up a wrecked 2002 XLS awhile back for the trans, so now i am in the process of parting it out. A guy came today to pick up the motor and much to my horror we pulled the valve cover on the passenger side to find the timing chain guide busted at the bottom and the top dangling but still intact. It appears i can get the lower piece out with removal of the head etc with a long pair of needle nose and some patiience.

      Question i have is can i replace this "cassette" without removing the head etc, and also can i just buy the rear cassette seperate? Motor ran and sounded great, never made a noise, i was very surprised it was broken. I just need to fix this so i can get rid of it, wife wants her garage back.

      I dont want to soak a bunch of $$ into it just to sell it. But also dont want to give it away!

      Any help would be great.

      Thank you.
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    3. 2000StreetRod

      2000StreetRod Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      May 26, 2009
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      Greenville, SC
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      00 Sport FI,03 Limited V8
      no need to remove the head

      There is no need to remove the head to replace the rear timing chain guide assembly. You can no longer buy just the guide assembly. You will have to buy the entire cassette which includes timing chain, guide assembly, camshaft sprocket and jackshaft rear sprocket. You can't replace the guide without removing the camshaft sprocket which means the camshaft will have to be retimed unless you mark the relative positions of the sprocket and the camshaft hub. Do you have access to the OTC-6488 timing tool kit? If so, you may as well replace the entire cassette.

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