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2002 Explorer Transmission Headache

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by Scott Ciardullo, February 8, 2018.

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    1. Scott Ciardullo

      Scott Ciardullo New Member

      February 8, 2018
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      Greensboro, NC
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      2002 Ford Explorer
      I just purchased this explorer from my neighbor who had it towed home from the store down the street a few days ago. He said that he was sitting at a red light and when it turned green he stepped on the gas and it wouldn’t go at all. He tried other gears, to no avail. No reverse either. He was going to sell it to the local junk yard but I convinced him to sell it to me for 800.00. At the time I thought it was a good idea. After questioning him about it, I found out that not only is he completely lost when it comes to any kind of mechanical or electrical interests. He stated that he had never put transmission fluid in the thing in the 4 years he had it. So naturally I thought “hey, there’s my problem”! All I have to do is change out the fluid and filter and it’ll drive like new!

      Come to find out that this particular trans doesn’t have the traditional dip stick and fill ports. That was the beginning of this whole crazy headache.
      I have talked to a few mechanic folks, and received a few different opinions on the track I should take here. One said not to mess with the fluid or filter yet, but to change the shift solenoid first, and see if that helps. See when I start it, step on the brake and pull the shifter down to put it in gear, it just slips down and back up with ease, and doesn’t engage the motor at all. I can’t feel the motor change it’s idle at all. But it does grind when I tried to put it back in park. And as it idles I hear rattling underneath.

      ANY ADVICE PLEASE’!!!!! Help!!!!
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    3. transman304

      transman304 Elite Explorer

      December 4, 2014
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      Morgantown WV
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      2001 Honda Accord
      If it is a 4x4 check the transfer case in different shift positions. A broken axle will do the same thing. A grinding noise going into park means that the transmission is turning but not getting power to the drive line. Good luck

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