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2003 4.0 Odd Fast Crank No-Start

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by jonboyb, November 14, 2017.

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    1. jonboyb

      jonboyb New Member

      April 18, 2017
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      Alpharetta, GA
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      2003 Mounty 4.0 2wd Base
      IT did this once about 6 months ago and again tonight. After sitting till not quite cold, turn the key and noticeably faster cranking with hit and die, then crank the second time but still faster cranking speed than normal. After that all back to normal. Sounds kinda like when you hold the throttle open to kill ignition and build oil pressure. Searched without luck, but letting it cool down now so I can see what it does. Was fine at various stops around town. With the throttle body grime issues I wonder if that's it, but can understand since it was idled down when turned off....how could it stick open??? Any help is appreciated!
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    3. WaterBrat

      WaterBrat Member

      February 18, 2014
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      Tulum, MX Originally Austin, Tx
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      2005 Explorer EB V8 4WD
      Just a guess about an experience on my 05 V8, Try the key to ON for 3-5 seconds then crank. My solinoid was possibly drawing so much current that I had to do this for several days before started finally died with no crank. Replaced with a known good used starter and works fine. Started by acting like a no fuel pressure problem with normal crank.

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