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2003 Ford Ranger - Door Lock Cylinder

Discussion in 'Ford Ranger - Mazda B-Series Forum' started by PotatoExplorer, December 5, 2017.

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    1. PotatoExplorer

      PotatoExplorer Active Member

      August 15, 2016
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      Carlisle, PA
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      2008 Ford Explorer Ltd.
      Hi guys!

      So I go out to my truck this morning to head to work and someone took the joy of trying to jimmy my lock at some point since I got home yesterday around 5:15PM. The whole lock cylinder is completely FUBAR and now I can't insert my key to lock/unlock the door. Good news is that it seems extremely easy to replace the door lock cylinder and it seems like they are fairly cheap - like $25ish? I got a few questions though if anyone is familiar with this area...

      1 - How do I get a new lock cylinder to use my already existing key? I'm guessing I need a locksmith to repin the cylinder and this is something I can't do myself? I've never had to do this before, how much should I expect to pay for this service??

      2 - In the time being, is it possible to take lock cylinder from the passenger side and flip it over to use for the driver side, or are they side specific? I have an "OK" headunit in there, which is probably the only thing worth value in the cab, but I have to leave the driver side door unlocked unless I want to crawl in on the passenger side to manually unlock the driver side door every time...

      Thanks guys!
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    3. RangerX

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      July 14, 1999
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      Omao, Kauai
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      '93 Ranger XLT 4X4
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