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2006 ranger XLT 4x4 not working correctly

Discussion in 'Ford Ranger - Mazda B-Series Forum' started by Bikeman5, February 9, 2018.

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    1. Bikeman5

      Bikeman5 New Member

      February 9, 2018
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      North Berwick Maine
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      i believe my issue is s bad 4x4 module, truck was sometimes going into 4 low when 4 high was selected, now it won't go into 4x4 at all and no dash light but has light when starting vehicle as other dash lights light,

      i saw on youtube to unhook battery to reset module, this works only until i put it back to 2wheel drive, every time i go to use or need 4x4 i have to unhook battery first for 5 to 10 minutes.

      saw a thread here saying module is in the center dash, remove radio bezel and radio, can this part be accessed and changed through the radio hole

      also could it be the PCM at position #47 under the hood in the Power Distribution Box?

      thanks for any help or suggestions
      Last edited: February 10, 2018
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