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2006 V8 6sp: how-to lockout 6th only?

Discussion in 'Tow Rig Forum' started by thebrakeman, August 18, 2017.

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    1. thebrakeman

      thebrakeman Well-Known Member

      February 11, 2009
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      Canton, Michigan
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      2006 Mercury Mountaineer
      Our Mountaineer has been a great family vehicle, whether towing or not. Very capable for it's size, and handles our travel trailer very well (~5200 lbs loaded).

      What I can't stand is that the OD lockout button forces the 6sp-auto down to 4th gear (locks out 5th and 6th). The majority of the time when towing, 5th gear would be perfect. If I lock into 4th gear, the rpms seem too high, and from my Scangauge, I know I have more available torque, and could get better gas mileage. Left in 6th (full-auto), it may or may not start hunting, forcing me to allow the speed to reduce to avoid downshifting on even small hills. In the end, I usually leave OD functioning, and avoid using cruise control unless it's a calm day and very flat.

      What I've never asked is:
      Has anybody ever looked into a transmission reprogram that would allow locking out ONLY 6th gear?
      a. Change programming so that the OD lockout button only locks out 6th gear, or
      b. Pull a fuse or some other item such that 6th is locked out regardless of OD lockout position.
      c. other?
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    3. MacVader

      MacVader New Member

      October 19, 2017
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      Pevely mo
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      2010 explore limited
      I know why it does it but I haven't found a way yet to only lock out 6th

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