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2016-18 Police Utility Forscan Settings

Discussion in 'Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Utility PIU' started by KayGee, February 2, 2018.

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    1. KayGee

      KayGee Active Member

      March 27, 2017
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      Farmington, MI
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      '16 & '17 PIU
      Post your 2016-18 Police Utility Forscan settings here.

      Enable RKE
      720-02-01 xxxx xxxx xCxx - RKE menu in IPC
      726-38-01 x1xx xxxx xxxx
      726-41-01 xxx4 xxxx xxxx
      This is just to enable the full RKE functionality on the vehicle - There are 2 different fobs for 16+ PIUs (blue button for hatch or red button for panic - about $30-40 each) and in order to get the fobs to work, they will need to be programmed to the vehicle in IDS (check with your local dealer for cost).

      726-37-02 x1xx xxxx xxxx Police Rear Door Config - enable overhead liftgate button/timer
      726-37-02 x0xx xxxx xxxx liftgate will lock/unlock with door locks - disables overhead liftgate button and liftgate timer

      Seatbelt minder
      720-01-01 xxxx xx6x xxxx both on
      _________xxxx xx2x xxxx driver off
      _________xxxx xx4x xxxx passenger off
      _________xxxx xx0x xxxx both off

      AWD gauge cluster
      720-01-01 xxxx x2xx xxxx

      Dark Car/Silent Mode
      720-04-01 xxx4 xxxx xxxx this allows control in IPC menu (I believe this only works with PIU/base IPC)
      726-32-01 xxxx x1xx xxxx activates the option
      726-58-02 xxxx xxxx x1xx - IPC menu will toggle this from 1 enabled to 0 disabled (or you can set it yourself to enable feature if your IPC doesn't support the menu option)

      Turn signal flashes - Partial list below - more available elsewhere if you want different # of flashes
      724-01-01 xxxx x6xx xx 3 flashes
      _________xxxx x8xx xx 4 flashes
      _________xxxx xAxx xx 5 flashes


      horn feedback on locking
      726-38-02 xxx1 xxxx xxxx enable
      _________xxx0 xxxx xxxx disable

      light feedback on locking
      726-56-01 xxxx xxxx x1xx enable
      726-56-02 xxxx xxx1 xxxx enable

      726-56-01 xxxx xxxx x0xx disable
      726-56-02 xxxx xxx0 xxxx disable

      disable key left in ignition warning chime
      720-02-01 xx#x xxxx xxxx disable (subtract 8 from your current value for #)

      12v powerpoint timeout
      726-39-01 #### xxxx xxxx - #### is hex value for time on (ex. 1194 = 1hr 15 min, 012C = 5 min, 0001 = on/off with vehicle)

      Right half of IPC display can show AUX switch status or vehicle image
      720-04-02 xxxx 6xxx display AUX switch status
      720-04-02 xxxx 4xxx display vehicle image

      Disclaimer - this information is being provided for educational/entertainment purposes only - use it at your own risk
      Last edited: April 19, 2018
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    3. Inane222

      Inane222 Member

      September 24, 2016
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      2017 Ford PIU Eco

      I was going to send over the horn code but just noticed you got that one posted. Digging though my mad scientist Forscan binder of notes, I found a post it note that I labeled "lock feedback". I was successfully able to get my lights flashing when locking with the key fob so I hope this is the right note.

      On line 726-56-01, I went from 0000-0000-0084 to 0000-0000-0185.

      On line 726-56-02, I went from 0000-0000-0085 to 0000-0001-0086.

      I've loaned my OBD Link out or I'd test that to confirm it.

      On a somewhat related note, pages 7-8 of this brochure provide some good info about dark car / silent car:

      https://www.fleet.ford.com/resource...ptor Utility New Product Updates 10-10-16.pdf
      Last edited: February 8, 2018
    4. tlveik

      tlveik New Member

      February 10, 2015
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      2018 Explorer XLT
      This awesome, thanks! Enabled Dark Car this weekend, this is the first change I've made with Forscan. Dark car is working which is the most important thing, but adding the control to the IPC menu didn't work for me. It would be nice to have but not essential. 2018 Explorer XLT.

      I'm an amateur astronomer and it's essential that I be able to get into my car in complete darkness to swap equipment. Preserves night vision.


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