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2016 Explorer

Discussion in 'Stock 2011 - 2018 Ford Explorer Discussion' started by LeFurg, September 29, 2012.

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    1. LeFurg

      LeFurg Member

      October 12, 2011
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      2010 Fusion SE
      Modified, Stock, IVT, and Order Status are what I have to choose from, so I figure I'll just ask here. I'm kind of curious...

      From what I've read online (which could just be "here-say") the Explorer will be redesigned for 2016 (probably released mid 2015). So, just to see ideas or thoughts, does anyone have any thoughts on what to expect or what they'd like to see on the 2016 Explorer?

      Here's what I expect:

      - MFT based on Windows 8 Platform
      - Slightly larger Ecoboost 4 cyl. (2.5L with more power replacing 2.0L, for example)
      - 4WD/AWD being available on ecoboost 4 cyl
      - Slightly redesigned liftgate and tailights
      - New designed front end (obviously) w/ slightly better angle of approach
      - Solid color (no more body cladding along bottom of car except fenderlip moldings [black on base/xlt/sport and monochromatic on limited])
      - "touch" button for hazard lights in new location

      Here's what I'd like to see:

      - Slightly larger fenders/wheel wells (both front and rear)
      - A better rocker panel design (low part of the vehicle b/t front and read wheels)
      - Rims/tires sit at the edge of the wheel wells (like the F-Series) - not sunk inside
      - More aggressive rims (especially for the sport), those like the 2013 Fusion and mustang
      - A Hybrid model or variant, like "xlt hybrid" or "limited hybrid" (I know Ford and Toyota are working on a "Truck based" hybrid system to be put into the F-Series (std and superduty), expedition, explorer and probably vans which should be due b/t 2015 -2020)
      - A Front end similar to the 2013 Fusions or 2014 Transits (Fusion would be better)
      -Premium (sony) audio system standard in the limited , becoming an option in the xlt

      So, what do you expect to see and what would you like to see?
      just curious.:D
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    3. GregV8

      GregV8 Active Member

      July 1, 2007
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      Long Island, NY
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      2011 XLT
      I think you are referring to an all-new model.
      Before that, there will be a facelift for the current one. Probably with the 2015 model year, maybe even 2014.
      Things I predict for the facelift:
      -painted lower plastic panels
      -new tailgate design, especially around license plate
      -new tail lights that replace the current "dotted" LED look
      -new grille, that looks more like the 2013 F150 king ranch (black/chrome)
      -heavily redesigned dashboard
      -new MFT hardware
    4. peterk9

      peterk9 Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      December 28, 2010
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      Ottawa, Ontario area
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      2017 Explorer Platinum
      My lease is up in March 2015. I'd just be happy if my current 17" Winter wheels will still fit the new Limited model at that time. :D And, I almost forgot, I'd like to see a lower price.;)

    5. Sgt1411

      Sgt1411 Elite Explorer

      February 22, 2011
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      2017 Explorer SPORT
      My guess, next year you're going to see the Lincoln 3.7L V6 that's standard in the Police Interceptor Utility offered to the public. Probably as another powertrain option in the 2014/15 Explorer Limited 4WD.

      BTW LeFurg the Hazard light button is much better in the 2013. Same place but not as easy to accidentally activate.
    6. RandyH2

      RandyH2 Active Member

      March 28, 2011
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      '11 Limited AWD
      I imagine there may be a few requests for a voice-interaction system that understands $#^%!!! The natural language system will be linked to the emergency seat massage system, beverage dispenser, and Sirius XM Spa music channel (at subliminal levels).
      Rather than responding with, "... and remember, you can always say..." the new system will borrow from Indian call centers and respond, "I'm so very sorry for my inability to understand. I will self-destruct in 5...4...." Ah, now that would be satisfying.

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