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2016 Lottery Information

Discussion in 'EF's photo lottery' started by reapereviltwin, December 28, 2015.

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    1. reapereviltwin

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      2016 Explorer Forum Lottery

      SCOPE: The EF lottery's first year was a good year. Lessons learned from the 2015 lottery are being posted in order to attempt to make the lottery procdures less confusing. I will go into as much detail as possible without adding more confusion.
      NOTE: The 2016 procedures supercedes any procedure for 2015, most will not change.

      PURPOSE: To encourge EF members to post media (and stories with media if desired) with the current theme and reward one member with a free one year ExplorerForum elite membership. Attempt is made to keep the theme subject so all members can have an opportunity to have media to submit. However, with the year 2016 being the 20th year of the EF, there will be several themes that are geared to specific EF events.

      PROCEDURE: Theme announced for current month with ending date and drawing date listed. Members who wish can then begin posting media.
      Media can be pics and/or videos, or links to pics and/or videos or a combination.

      On ending date and drawing date (normally will be the same day), drawing will occur. Members can continue to post media until winner is posted. (See note in "Drawing Procedure" below)

      DRAWING PROCEDURE: At drawing, the post number of submitted entries are written down on paper. This is done twice and must match exactly. If not, procedure is repeated. Upon verification that none were missed, I sign off of the internet. ( NOTE: At this time no more posts will be entered into the drawing.) The same amount of bingo number balls as submissions are put in a bingo ball roll cage. (Example: 9 submissions, 9 bingo number balls are put into the roller cage)) One numbered bingo ball at a time is rolled out of the cage and assigned to a post number, then put in a seperate container. Upon cage reaching empty and all post numbers in the drawing assigned a number in relation to the numbered bingo balls, all are returned to the roller cage. Then spinning the cage a random number of spins backwards, spinning backwards does not allow any of the numbered balls to exit, then forward so a ball is rolled out of the cage by the normal rotation of the bingo cage. I do not remove it myself. The number on the bingo ball is then cross referenced to the handwritten list of post numbers and bingo ball number that was assigned to that post number. Then I sign back on line, go to the EF Lottery sub-forum, match the post number to the member's submitted post.

      Winner is notified via PM, and Admin is notified at the same time. Then post is made in the current lottery thread announcing winner.

      RULES: One media submission per member. Submission can contain multiple pics, vids, links or combination of any or all. In the event a member makes more than one post with media, a PM will be sent to OP asking to remove extra post(s) or put all media into a single post. If no response is recieved in a reasonable time frame, mod will remove any extra post(s) containing media. If the extra post is made when the drawing is within 24-48 hours prior to the drawing, mod will edit the extra post(s) as "not for consideration" since there might not be enough time for the member to respond to a PM. A member can change, add, or delete media at anytime and if desired, can make a new post without media stating that the orginal post was updated.

      Members are encouaged to post positive remarks regarding a member's submission. Keep in mind this is not a chat thread. For the purpose of the lottery forum, chat is defined as to the effect of something such as "Hey #@$&^%, nice bumper, did you make it yourself?", or to that effect. This is what PM's and build threads are for. Stating you were in that area wheeling, you know that rig, did the same thing, etc. is not considered chat in the lottery forum. (basically, anything to do with builds is considered chat, use the build thread)

      At times a new member might post matter not related to the subject of the lottery, we were all new once. These posts will simply be moved to their respected sub-forum and the OP notified thru a PM.

      Being a smart alec in a submission is not only allowed, but encouaged. Get some laughs.

      If a member desires to enter media, but not be considered for the drawing, just put this in your post with a phrase to the effect not for submission or consideration.

      Prior winners can submit media, the post just will not go into the drawing. (notification not needed that post is not for submission, a list is kept and checked during the transfer of information prior to the drawing)

      Media can be submitted after the drawing, just can't be considered.

      NOMINATIONS: There are no nominations in the EF Lottery.

      ELIGIBILTY: All members except sponsor are eligible. All makes of rigs are eligible. (not just RBV's)

      Can win once per calander year.

      This thread has been made a sticky, any comments, suggestions, or questions can be posted here.

      2016 Themes

      January: Any EF meet

      Feburary: 20 years of Truckhaven EF meets

      March: Models (rigs, not Victoria Secret type)

      April: Photochopping

      May: Rememberance of those who are no longer with us

      June: 20 years of EF Moab meets

      July: Summer Time Fun

      August: 20 years of EF CCR's meets

      September: Tribute to First Responders

      October: 20 years of EF meets

      November: Tribute to Armed Forces

      December: Mired (being stuck)
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