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2nd Gen Sport trac exhaust upgrade - gibson

Discussion in '2007 - 2010 Explorer Sport Trac' started by Tike, December 19, 2017.

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    1. Tike

      Tike Member

      May 10, 2017
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      08 Ford Sport Trac XLT
      hey all, over the weekend i replaced the stock catback exhaust with the gibson aluminzed cat back system. 08 ST

      first off. My experience in summary is that this thing is not made for the sport trac. it is just extremely close to fitting.... (assuming their is a frame length difference in the ST vs X. )

      wanted others feed back if they ran the exhaust on their ST and had clearance issues or issues with the metal hanger pegs not lining up. (first was so close they were rubbing and the last hanger was so long it was almot hitting the rear tire.

      i had to cut and 1-1.5 inches off the front of the pipe that connects to the outlet of the muffler because it was to long because were back of thispipe bends 90 degrees to clear the Rear Driver CV, it was hitting the cv and very badly at that. i tried everything to get clearance and could not ( double checked the pipes were full inserted in one another. and everything was as far forward as possible.)...... After the cut i was able to clear the CV by about 1-1.25 inches. But i was worried that using the U-bolts to secure the pipes would move a bit and cause the issue to occur again.. possibly at highway speeds if i hit a bump. pothole. etc. i tack-welded the inlet and outlet pipes to the muffler and everything is working great now! and the truck sounds awesome! also noted that i replaced the stock bolts as they did not fit the new holes in gibson bracket that met the Y pipe.

      anyone that is curious i did run the truck with nothing past the cats. sounded like an old straight piped dodge. very mean sounding. have pictures and a video / audio if anyone is interested
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