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3 inch body lift

Discussion in 'Shocks, Suspensions, Lift Kits' started by MuddeR, June 7, 1999.

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    1. MuddeR

      MuddeR Guest

      I want to get a body lift, but my freind keep telling me that i need to get a suspension lift. I dont have the money for that and i dont want it. My question is if I get a 3 inch body lift a good one will I have to get my drive shaft adjusted and I want to put at least 31x10.50 mud tires. Gimme the pros and cons of doing this. Will i have to re gear my car. Will it be loud on the highway. Just answer some of these. Thanx in advance!!!
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    3. Kyle K.

      Kyle K. Guest

      what size gear do you have now? if its 3.73 its probably liveable, 3.55 maybe a bit iffy. bodylifts don't have anything to do with driveshafts at all whatsoever. you didnt alter the suspension so the shaft doesn't move any. it will only be loud if you get loud tires and regardless of what you do if you go taller make sure you go wider, 10.50's is good for that.... if you don't plan to wheel it hardcore a body lift may work fine for your purposes. but you are rigth get a good complete kit.
    4. Ray Lobato

      Ray Lobato Guest

      What year Explorer do you have?
      I had a 95 and now have a 97 and ran 31X10.5 r15's on both of them. They were both stock height. If you are going to go wheeling on them, then MT's are fine, but if you just want the MT's for looks, you'll probably get real tired of the road noise fast. Go with a AT instead. Just my .02 [​IMG]

      Happy Wheelin'
      Ray L. :)
      97 XLT 4X4 4.0L SOHC
    5. Todd E.

      Todd E. Guest

      Before I added my suspension lift, I ran a 3" trailmaster body lift and a set of 32" BFG mud tires on 15x8.5" wheels. The only problems you will have are bumper brackets and getting them to sit right. The only other problem is yur emergency brake cable will need to be slightly adjusted.
    6. treehuger

      treehuger Guest

      Just walked in from installing the performance 3" body lift. Its not too difficult, but the bumper brackets DO NOT match. You have to mount a new bracket for the park brake and remount the fan shroud which leaves a lot to be desired.
      One question if anyone knows... What is wrong with my steering, I put on the steering extension per the instruction, but the steering seems to bind thru out the range even at slow speed(Im hestitant to hit the hiway) Scary!!! Thanks in advance for any help.
    7. Mac

      Mac Guest

      I also installed the three inch body lift. The steering is sticky because the coupler after the steering ectension is not desinged for the extra angle placed on the steering. The best idea I have is to have it replaced with a steering u-joint if it can be done. I will let you know, but I haven't had any problems on the freeway. You generally don't turn your wheels far enough at freeway speeds to hit the sticky parts.
    8. SpikeMan

      SpikeMan New Member

      July 16, 1999
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      What do you mean a body lift doesn't affect the steering column. Yes it does! The column goes through the fire wall and by lifting the body off of the frame you effectively lift the steering column up too. I had a 3" body lift on my 91 and I didn't have any problems stated here. My steering was fine. It must be the Performance lift. I got mine through JC Whitney. I ran 31x10.5 Mud Terrains. no problems. However- keep in mind a body lift is technically the cheaters way out! All you do is lift the body and put big meats on it. The OEM Suspention is now screaming bloody murder. You have to upgrade all the suspension components if you want your truck to last and not break down on the trail. Trust Me I know what I'm talking about. I only put a body lift on until I could afford a suspension lift. I now have a 4" lift with 33x12.5 AT's.

      Good luck and stay safe!
    9. treehuger

      treehuger Member

      March 22, 1999
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      Salt Lake City, Utah
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      94 xlt
      Yeah the performance accessories is definitely suspect (see post in the general explorations)I will also put a link with pics of the custom steering shaft within the next couple weeks.
      In response to your lift comment:I agree a beefier suspension is the way to go, but suspension or body lift, the only way to get increased ground clearance is with larger diameter tires.


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