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3rd gen with plow? - New Explorer Researcher

Discussion in 'Modified 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by Mjmck100, December 28, 2017.

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    1. Mjmck100

      Mjmck100 New Member

      December 28, 2017
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      Manlius, NY
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      16 RAM 1500
      12 JKU
      I’m in a bit of a pickle. I bought a Meyer EZ Classic plow in excellent shape with all pieces that came off a 02 Ranger. Originally I was going to sell the Ranger mount and buy a Wrangler Mount (I have a 12 JKU). Well Meyer has discontinued the Wrangler mount I need and it’s a needle in a haystack to find one second hand for under $1k.

      From what I read this plow will mount to any Ranger/Explorer from 98-05. Literally due to sheer cost I can buy a beater Ranger/Explorer for that price! My mother-in-law had an 03 Explorer XLT back when I first came on the scene. Sold it with 200k on the clock and bad timing chain rattle. I think this unit would be better for us right now over the truck for a backup people hauler. It’s darn tight to get 4 adults and a infant seat in a JKU. So 3rd row is a must.

      Do we have any 3rd gen Explorers with plows?

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    3. Bohknows17

      Bohknows17 New Member

      September 22, 2014
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      2003 Explorer EB
      This thread probably has everything you need to know.

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