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5th Gen rear suspension enhancement

Discussion in 'Tow Rig Forum' started by WalleyeChris, January 29, 2018.

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    1. WalleyeChris

      WalleyeChris New Member

      January 29, 2018
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      Island Lake, IL
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      2017, Explorer, Limited
      Hi all,

      Pretty much all my tow vehicles have had some sort of rear air suspension. My favorite tow vehicle was a 1992 Town Car with the towing package. I’ve otherwise added Air Lift springs to a Grand Marquis, Tahoe and a Ram pickup. Has anyone added this to their 5 gen Explorers? I see Timbren makes their unique product too.
      The Explorer squats a bit more than I’m used to. I understand it’s part of the suspension setup and the type of vehicle it is. I just prefer a level ride. I’ve been towing almost 30 years, and am very aware of proper loading, tongue weights, GVW and all that. I’m towing a boat/trailer that comes in at about 3200#. Usually just myself and maybe a second person in the vehicle with me. Just looking for any experiences using aftermarket stuff.
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    3. thebrakeman

      thebrakeman Well-Known Member

      February 11, 2009
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      Canton, Michigan
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      2006 Mercury Mountaineer
      For a boat trailer, with less than 10% as TW, and only 3200 lbs total, you likely have far below 300 lbs TW. I wouldn't worry about it.
      But since you did ask about it, I'm sure somebody that has added will chime in soon.
      Just know that if you ever tow something that pushes that TW toward 500 lbs, this is enough to remove significant weight from the front wheels, causing stability issues. Suspension mods would do nothing to help that, and you would need a WDH.

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