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88 Bronco Eddie 5.0 4wd starts but dies.

Discussion in 'Bronco II' started by hollywoodbadguy1, October 29, 2016.

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    1. hollywoodbadguy1

      hollywoodbadguy1 New Member

      February 23, 2015
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      malibu ca
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      Hello all.
      My name is Frankie.
      i have an 88 bronco eddie.
      it has sat for a while was starting up fine every couple of weeks.
      it has over 100,000 miles however the engine was totaly rebuild for 7 k everything done.
      so it has about 7 k miles on it.

      it starts but will not stay running Dies after about 2 seconds.
      i can keep it going if i pump the gas but it coughs and sputters and dies.
      here is what i have done and or Replaced.


      1.New in tank pump.
      2 New Fuel Filter.
      3 all new 4 hole Injectors.
      4 New spark plug wires.
      5.New Roter cap.
      it will start with starter fluid but dies.
      Seems to me it is not getting fuel.

      i loaded it on a flat bed took it to a shop they charged me $100 to diagnose wanted $775 for labor ie Trusted guy, so i figured i would do it myself.
      said the computer is sending out instructions to fire injectors. that i need to replace injectors.
      i tested the old ones readings were all different.
      installed new ones and no change.
      love the forms thank you all so much for your help.
      trying to get my horse running.

      Frankie Ray your Hollywood bad guy.

      can' lives in the house of wont.
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    3. Turdle

      Turdle I bake stuff Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      June 16, 2003
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      Humboldt, KS
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      2000 Mounty
      I would start by checking fuel pressure. "New" pumps fail quite often to be honest.

      You need high pressure at the rail, a "squirt" test is not enough. However, a cheap air pressure gauge will do in a pinch. Be aware some fuel may squirt out so be careful.

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