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96 Explorer Timing Chain for 4.0 OHV

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by ex man in van, August 24, 2011.

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    1. ex man in van

      ex man in van New Member

      July 30, 2011
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      vancouver bc
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      96 XL
      Hey guys.
      I have been digging here, and there are tons of threads for the SOHC timing chains, (Justifiably) and I noticed a couple threads that dealt with OHV timing chain replacement with engine removed from vehicle.
      Short and sweet here... My Haynes manual says the engine MUST be removed from the vehicle to replace the timing chain, even though it was the OHV section. I know Hayne's are not like the good ol Chilton's, but I can't seem to find to much info specific to my question.
      I don't see why this would be necessary to pull the motor as I'm only replacing one chain at the front of the motor (along with any guides or tensioners of course), just like I've done with my 5.0L mustangs compared to three in the SOHC. I usually just cut and replace the gasket flush at the joint where the timing cover meets the pan, and add a little silicone, or Permatex Instagasket Blue. Never any issues.
      Am I missing something here? Have any of you done the change with the engine in place?
      Normally this would not pose a problem to pull the motor, but I now live in an apartment, and let's just say they frown upon shadetree mechanics pulling engines on premises. It's not urgent, I'm thinking of doing this in a month or so, so just knowing what I'll need to get the job done, and maybe needing rent a bay would be helpful to know in advance.
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    3. Dono

      Dono V8 Limited turbo and retired SC 4.0 OHV Elite Explorer

      February 18, 2009
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      Winnipeg, Manitoba
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      00 Limited V8
      Nope, your dead on. I know the manual says you can't, but you can.
      I was able to replace my cam while I was at it.

      You can remove the timing chain and gears of the 4.0 OHV with the motor in the vehicle. No doubt about it.

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