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98' xlt car stereo wire harness

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by tgreene92, January 6, 2010.

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    1. tgreene92

      tgreene92 Active Member

      July 28, 2009
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      south jersey
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      '98 XLT x2
      i just got a new pioneer head unit for christmas and also got a dynex car stereo wire harness that should clip onto the factory plug that goes into the back of the head unit. it says it is made for 1998 and up ford vehicles but it there is 2 clips into the back of the factory head unit and the dynex clip doesnt even fit onto the one that it looks like it should. i really dont feel like hasseling to hook it up without it so im wondering if anyone can help. i saw another harness online that consists of the 2 clips and look like it fits. i really need some help because i dont have the money to pay someone to do it nor do i have the time to find all the needed wires and somehow make them work.
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    3. scucci

      scucci Active Member

      November 4, 2005
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      98 Sport
      You should have the T-100 plugs on the stock radio. If you do not have a cd changer or sub-woofer you only need to hook up the 16 pin connector. The 20 pin only has a gray/blk wire which is vehicle speed signal and would not be used by an aftermarket head unit. The 20 pin is used for rear integrated controls, cd dj and steering wheel controls also. The 8 pin is for the factory sub-woofer.
      The correct adapter is:
      Metra 70-5700 into harness T-100 plug 16 pin

      Function Color code-Solid/Stripe
      12 Volt Ignition/Acc Red
      12 Volt Battery/Memory Yellow
      Ground Black
      Power Antenna Blue
      Amp turn on Blue/White
      Amp ground Black/White
      Illumination Orange
      Dimmer Orange/White
      Phone Mute Brown
      Right Front + Gray
      Right Front - Gray/Black
      Left Front + White
      Left Front - White/Black
      Right Rear + Violet
      Right Rear - Violet/Black
      Left Rear + Green
      Left Rear - Green/Black
    4. 617ricky

      617ricky Active Member

      December 24, 2009
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      97 XLT
      During that time-frame, Explorers had 2 different types of harnesses for different stereos.. You have the wrong 1 unfortunately.. If you don't mind snipping and splicing some wires, then it should be pretty easy to match the colors up.. But if you decide to swap the stock in, in the future, then you got another project on your hands..

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