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Airbags at Risk?

Discussion in '2001-2005 Explorer Sport Trac' started by AppleTech, January 13, 2018.

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    1. AppleTech

      AppleTech New Member

      November 28, 2017
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      2004 Sport Trac
      So my 2004 that I recently purchased had a rebuilt title. It is clear from the front end that it was in a collision. My friend I bought it from had it for about 10 years so it was while the vehicle was pretty new. He obviously knew it had a rebuilt title when he bought it but had it checked over by his mechanic who gave him a clean bill of health.

      Truck has been as good as you can expect any cheap used vehicle to be, but I am concerned about the Takata recalls. I know the STs were not recalled, but the Rangers of the same era were and it is possible that they used airbag modules that could have been recalled because they could have fit. Is there a way to check? I pulled both bags and took pictures of the part numbers and serials but I'm not sure where to go from here. I am guessing that a Ford dealer will just pop the VIN in and say "no recalls". I reached out to Ford Service to see if they have anything to say but I don't know if there are any Ford employees on here in the know that could check on a part number.

      Thanks in advance!
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