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Been there

Discussion in 'WHOOPS!!' started by bigred4x4, September 8, 2017.

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    1. bigred4x4

      bigred4x4 Off-road enthusiast Elite Explorer

      October 6, 2008
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      chesapeake virginia
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      '96 xlt 4x4
      Just thought I would share my explorer miss Fortune's

      First of all when I got the 96 4wd I have now in 2007 after I sold my 97 2wd because it did well for 2wd off road but wasn't cutting it I wanted 4wd in a bad way within the first year I got the egr code but at the time I didn't know that it was most likely just a failed dpfe sensor so my mom (I was a senior in high school at the time) drove it up to the Ford dealer my step dad worked at while I was in class to have it fixed we'll just so happens a radiator hose failed along the way and she kept driving it until the engine seized ....at least she was able to coast it into the dealer lot ...... The diagnosis after she told the mechanic what happened they did a compression test .....well when I got home from school that day expecting to have my baby good as new I found out the bad news .... She had died that day dealer wanted $5k total to swap in a new engine nope that wasn't going to happen so I talked to my buddies mom's boyfriend who owned an auto shop downtown and he quoted $1500 for a used motor swap which I could do but I was out of a vehicle for my graduation summer and boy did he take his time only because I showed up at the shop on a regular basis and hounded my buddy did he get it done in 3 months!!! Well he swapped in a 95 motor using the salvage yard technique to get it done ASAP like cutting the wires to pull it out and connecting them all back together on all the cut wires on the 95 motor and no inspection cover on the tranny? Screw that we'll make one and looks like somebody took hammer to the bell housing to make one when biggot finally got the news it was running ....sort of I didn't care I didn't want her in there too be molested any longer I drove her away that day ..... Well the idle would stick to 2k rpm for awhile then surge between 500 and 1k constantly and I fought the engine with the brakes coming to ba stop (turned out to be a fried computer because of there wiring job between the different year motors) soooo a week later I'm following my buddy to his house and I'm coming up on a light I took my eyes off the road for a second and SMASH!!!! I crashed into the bumper on his lifted Dodge on 36's which went b straight into my grill so after a belt, radiator, grill, head lights, corner lights reinforcement panel and a trip to the body shop I had her on the road again and was my DD for a few years at which point im living on my own and didn't have the $ to keep up with the maintenance to pass state inspection so I bought a Ford focus and parked my old girl for awhile after two years I started to b really miss the adventures we had and now I was making more money so I decided to fix her up and get her back on the road I did everything I thought she needed and confidently drove her up to Firestone for inspection ......umm sir we have a few problems and was hit with a $1500 quote to pass inspection ....I said screw you guys I'll see you in a week and did it myself for $200 and a Saturday ..... Well 4 months later I took an earlier season trip to the obx to air down the tires hit the beach when I eventually went on the back trails and got over confident and ignored a "caution deep hole" sign and sank her in the third pit in luckily some locals offered to tow me to there camp and try to figure things out.... needless to say we couldn't get it running that night (bent rod) so they towed me off the beach in the morning and I waited 2 hours for AAA to tow me 75 miles back to my house. I then spent the rest of my summer rebuilding the engine I was also going to do the tranny but I was too impatient I did buy the parts though so when was dropping the motor back in finally I made the decision to put the new torque converter in at least ..heh upon the cracking of a beer as I fired her up for the first time after 4 months of hard labor it made this god awful noise my heart sunk determined it was coming from the converter housing I got to work pulling the trans (the "new" TC was garbage out of the box) I went ahead and just did the trans rebuild now two more months and having to pull the trans a second time because it wouldn't shift right I got my baby back ........ Hit some trails everything was good.....until it started rattling again 7 months later completely over it I parked it for another year they got the itch again and went to work turns out it was an improperly installed bushing now it's back,better than ever, and happily sitting in my front yard right now hopefully I will not have to revisit this post any time soon ..... Wish me luck! Happy exploring
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