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Bronco II transmission radiator

Discussion in 'Bronco II' started by Mathewsky, October 17, 2016.

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    1. Mathewsky

      Mathewsky New Member

      June 2, 2015
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      1994 Ford Explorer XLT
      Hello guys,
      I'm not completly new here because I already post for my 1994 explorer, but today I need you for questions about my 1987 Bronco II XLT automatic transmission.
      So I'll try to explain you the problem:
      I bought this vehicule last in feb 2016, when came back home the transmission suddenly decluth and I stoped immediately on the side of the road, so I checked under the car and I found an huge oil leak... I also noticed when opening the motor's hood that the cooling fan was broken and out of his location. The tow truck came to bring the Bronco back home. my girlfriend's father keep the vehicule for now. The good new is that we put oil in the transmission and still works great the gears are going well, but the oil is leaking very quickly.
      So in order to understand the reason of this oil leak, we removed the transmission and we saw that the output seal was out.
      The problem came because the transmission radiator water/oil was not appropriate for this transmission and was not connected! so the oil was not cooled and with the high pressure the seal blow.
      I checked on rockauto to find a new seal, new radiator, and I also need a new fan.
      the problem is that when you chose bronco II 1987 automatic transmission, there are a lot of different models for the same year! Can you please show me the right model that will fit my Bronco II.
      It would be really nice if you can enlighten me and tell me what's the right:
      1)output transmission seal
      2)automatic transmission radiator water/oil
      3)cooling fan

      I lived in France and the Bronco II is a very exclusive here, so I need your help.
      many thanks bye
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    3. Josh P

      Josh P Shaggin Wagon Elite Explorer

      February 18, 2015
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      Phoenix Az
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      1991 aerostar
      1991-1994 explorer radiator is a nice upgrade, I did it to my 87 ranger.

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