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Chasing a 565 code (canister purge solenoid)

Discussion in 'EEC IV' started by motopsycho650, June 7, 2017.

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    1. motopsycho650

      motopsycho650 Member

      February 20, 2009
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      Denver, CO
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      1994 XLT
      So, I actually have 2 '94 explorer xlt's. One has rear collision damage, but runs great with no codes. A planned engine donor for my other one.

      The other has a key on engine off 565 code. There are no other symptoms, like rough idling or a strong fuel smell…

      This morning I swapped the canister purge solenoids between the two. Remember, the wrecked explorer have no codes, so the solenoid should be good. Unfortunately, my second explorer still shows the 565 code.

      I found a wire schematic, and it is a very simple circuit. A red wire from the Computer provides the voltage, and a gray/yellow wire returns the signal back to the computer.

      Obviously I need to test the voltage at the solenoid to make sure it is getting power. Any idea how much voltage I should be detecting?

      Secondly, The gray/yellow wire that returns to the computer, shouldn't I be able to do a simple ohm test from the solenoid to the computer pin to verify A solid connection?

      Here is a link to my wiring schematic. I was going to tag it but it said the link was too long.

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