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Cigarette Lighter Stays On

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by unix4linux, June 15, 2017.

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    1. unix4linux

      unix4linux New Member

      July 9, 2011
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      I have a 12v connector / USB on the cigarette lighter that is by the dash. This is the one where both the AUX and USB ports are located directly in front of the shifter. Whenever I turn my vehicle off, this outlet is still providing power. The lighter inside the armrest doesn't do this. Is there a setting where I can tell it to stop pushing power once the vehicle is off? I'd like to keep my tablet connected to this and have the tablet shut off when it doesn't sense any more power.

      I have a 2014 Explorer XLT.
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    3. shadowless127

      shadowless127 Well-Known Member

      December 13, 2007
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      Long Island, NY
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      '01 EB AWD 5.0
      Most Fords have always-on outlets, at least from my experience. I suspect your '14 is no different.
    4. Mbrooks420

      Mbrooks420 High Voltage. Elite Explorer

      February 2, 2002
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      Erie, Pennsylvania
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      1998 Mountaineer AWD
      Agreed with above, typical Ford setup. There are lots of times when an always on outlet is desired.

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