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Cleaned injectors and changed plugs now truck will not crank..

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by pringle1906, April 30, 2012.

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    1. pringle1906

      pringle1906 New Member

      July 10, 2011
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      Columbia, SC
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      04 XLT
      Good Morning all, I have a 2004 ford explorer xlt which was mis firing on cylinders 1,2,3. I changed the spark plugs to autolite, Bosch were in the truck, and cleaned the injectors with 90% rubbing alcohol. A former ford tech stated i can clean them with it. Now the truck will not stay crank. It will turn over for a few seconds, but run like a tractor and then cut off. Plugs are gaped correctly, no leaks from the fuel rail. I did a search and a few post were sauing clean the TPS, But the only thing i removed was the plus and the fuel rail... Could I have clogged the injectors using the rubbing alcohol?
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