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Code U1262 anyone?

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by 87gt50, March 22, 2011.

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    1. 87gt50

      87gt50 New Member

      December 22, 2003
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      -02 Explorer limited V8
      It all started with the 4WD High/4WD Low lights started flashing randomly.
      Like if there was a glitch somewhere.
      Then, the flashes came in groups of 3, but sometimes interrupts in the middle of the sequence, still like theres a glitch (like when hitting a bump or similar on the road).
      I scanned it, and gave C1165 and C1175.
      Changed ABS sensor in the pumpkin, and I thought "problem solved".
      But, no. Those lights keep flashing.
      Scanned it again, C1165 and C1175 are gone, but now it gives me U1262 CAN-bus Error instead.
      This seems to be a "general" error, but are there any others than me that has seen this on their Explorers? If so, what have you found out?
      Please keep in mind that being located in Sweden means that I cannot just drive into a dealership for help, as these cars were never sold here and they are in general VERY unwilling to support vehichles that they havent sold themselves.

      Any and all input is greatly appreciated, as that may give me a hint on where to search, and what to search for.

      Thanks in advance!!
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