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Diagnostic code P1405

Discussion in 'Computers, Chips & Tuning' started by 38chaz, April 9, 2007.

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    1. 38chaz

      38chaz New Member

      April 9, 2007
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      1999 sport
      *Please Disregard* I think I solved the problem, split DPFE sensor hose.

      Looking for some help on diagnosing my son's 99 Explorer Sport. Engine light came on, so we went to Auto Zone to have it diagnosed. It came up P1405. The screen read: Manufacturer Contr1 Auxiliary Emission Controls. Don't no what the heck that means...

      I did try to already search this, but didn't come up with much. Any help would be appreciated.

      Last edited: April 9, 2007
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