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Disable Alarm on 98 Explorer

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by hozer2, August 22, 2011.

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    1. hozer2

      hozer2 New Member

      July 6, 2011
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      I am so frustrated! The car has be at a local shop for 2 weeks now (I told them I was not in a super hurry). It was suddenly dying and they replaced the fuel pump because the pressure was low. That did not fix it.

      Now, they think it is the anti-theft that is causing the problem. They pulled a couple fuses to test it, but those fuses also control things like the speedo so it can be a permanent solution.

      How can I disable the alarm? The guy is not sure and I said I would ask around. I don't have the key fob, which he stated is causing an issue. I am so frustrated after spending all this money and getting nowhere.
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    3. gnx547

      gnx547 Active Member

      September 29, 2011
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      1995 GT
      Any updates? Did you find out how to disable the alarm?

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