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East Coast List

Discussion in 'ECX - East Coast Xplorers' started by Torqueranger, August 6, 2013.

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    1. bigred4x4

      bigred4x4 Off-road enthusiast Elite Explorer

      October 6, 2008
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      City, State:
      chesapeake virginia
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      '96 xlt 4x4
      Chesapeake, VA
      96 xlt 4wd
      3" bl, tt/shackle 32x11.5 bfg all terrains on 15x8 American racing with full size spare
      Rebuilt engine and transmission,aux cooler, shift kit, line x rockers and undercoat, trailer hitch, flow master exhaust, snorkle, hidden winch, front hitch receiver and tow hooks, sliders,Euro style corner and tail lights,led conversion, black grill, surco Safari rack,32"light bar, hi lift, retractable awning with led track lighting,custom skid plates,4"led bars in bumper, brown wire mod, manual axle lock switch,auto meter gauges on a pillar,cb, Wilson antenna, Sony head unit, infinitely reference series speaker,mtx amp, rockFord fosgate 10", onboard air, cargo liner, pelican box with all the goodies, etc..
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    3. Tifoez & Lavinia

      Tifoez & Lavinia Active Member

      March 6, 2011
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      City, State:
      Charleroi, Pennsylvania
      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      '01 XLT
      Its crazy to think that I joined this forum in 2011 and I haven't posted in the thread that concerns my area!!
      I should start with a little "about me" but I think I am horrible when talking about myself..
      So, I started driving when I was 11, yup, the driveway stuff, getting to steer on the backroads and in parking lots from time to time.. This grew into snatchin the keys late at night just to drive around.. Crashed a car or two, ended up "borrowing" my Uncles truck, but his job considered it theft, so I "went to a place for bad kids" until I turned 18.. When I came home I was faced with a choice, low and fast, or lifted and slow.. Building lifted trucks didn't help much and I had a suspended license almost two years after passing the test..
      Since I could no longer road trip, I started trail riding, trying to make it from one end of my county to the other without being "on the road" to require a "license" but still go visit friends and get out..
      Here we are 16 years later, I have a license and my county wide trail is finally starting to grow back, but not for long!! I'll keep the license, but my kids have caught the offroading bug, and want to build trail rigs..
      For the longest time we've built our Explorers simply for capability but to remain street legal, now that we own three, two STs and a 5.0 Expo we have some room to go from mild to wild..
      I still have a month or so to fine tune and get her rollin, but anyone close to the 15022 (Charleroi) & 15063 (Monongahela) zip codes (Washington County, Pennsylvania) and are looking to wheel, maybe put together a monthly ECX meet, feel free to message.. Even if the Explorer we bring won't go too far off the trail, the friends and family fun times are more than worth the time ;)

      Quick rig specs:
      (Dreamcatcher) '01 job1 ST, Dana 44 axles full spooled, 36" TSL Boggers, 4.0 sohc

      (Olive) '02 ST, stock, 4.0 timing failure, pre 5.0 swap

      (Pimento) '98 Expo, stock, 5.0 donor

      If you can't find us here on Explorerforum, you can find our garage on facebook at Log In or Sign Up to View and feel free to message me directly at https://www.facebook.com/middleo.nowhere.37, or search for Tifoez Lafpoar

      Stay safe out there!!
    4. donalds

      donalds Elite Explorer

      July 12, 2015
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      Year, Model & Trim Level:
      1999 ford explorer sohc
      Stem nc
      99 explorer 2 wheel drive
      286856 miles
      New engine

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