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ECC codes

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by akirakitten, May 31, 2012.

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    1. akirakitten

      akirakitten New Member

      April 19, 2012
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      myrtle Beach, SC
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      1994 2 door Explorer 4x4
      Hello, ive been a memeber for a while, but only been on twice casue i got locked out, then forgot to try again, lol....omg way to much stuff going on....ANYWHO...

      1994 Explorer 4x4 sport v6(duh, lol)
      went and towed a VERY small load today, first time ever towing:eek: and well, ran into s few problems...got most of them figured out...(omg blonde moments) like lets see, thought my tranny was slipping, reving continuously, turns out, my dumb ass hit the button to turn on my AC(whole nuther issue, lol) which doesnt work, but the compressor DOES work, so it was kicking on and off, which i felt and thought was my tranny....second...burniong wood smell(thought OMG also tranny) nope had trailer loaded wrong, was burning trailer tires ....not mine either....:eek:, so down to the MAIN problem

      it stalled like it ran out of gas about 7 times in a 30 min trip.....if not more, sputtering, gas pedal not doing much, slow down, stall, just like it was out of gas...so i figure (with all other issues figured out, lol) it is either fuel pump...OR just fuel filter.....any ideas? think im right?

      Yes it does need to be changed(filter) i even have it, it needs a tune up, oil and all, i have all parts, but it hasnt gotten done yet since i have never worked on one before, im nervous about doing it myself with no one around, for the first time, incase i need help, ran to store, etc....and no one has been around...sucks being alone...

      OK, so i checked my codes....this is what i got...(yeah finally to my main question...sorry)

      current code 111...all systems normal....right?
      stored code 186....?????
      i have the chiltons, nothing in it over 99, so i checked 86....it is "3-4 shift solenoid circuit failure.....that would make sense....so is it a code 186(if so what is it) or is the 1 normal for something, and the 86 a seperate code as found above?

      111---should be all system normal...right???

      THANKIES sorry for such long post
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