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egr selnoid valve not working?

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by ahmos, October 4, 2013.

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    1. ahmos

      ahmos New Member

      December 29, 2009
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      98 xlt
      My car has a bad gas mileage so I started to check the egr system ..
      I started to check the egr pressure sensor or dpfe and it gave me good readings
      So I checked the egr exhaust valve and the car had a rough idling then normal when I apply vacuum to it then release.. so I think its ok too
      Now I have a doubt that the egr vacuum regulator/solenoid valve have some trouble
      I checked its tubes and it has a good vacuum source from engine but I think it does not give vacuum source to the exhaust valve..
      I checked the wires and it has 13 volt source.... I checked the resistance it gave me about 37 ohm
      I connected a vacuum pump to the solenoid valve to check the vacuum power but it give me no reading .. I try to accelerate but nothing
      So I dont know if it could be broken or not or should I change it.
      That valve has this part number f57e-9j459-ca .. and this number on the cap pa66-gf33

      Now another question .. there is another solenoid valve beside the one I mentioned above
      There is a printed word (lectron) on it .. and it has a US pat no. 4728916.... so what is that part and does it affect the other one work? And from where to buy
      B.s im from outside of America
      Thank you all for your help all over the time and sorry if my English is bad
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    3. 1998Exp

      1998Exp Active Member

      December 5, 2010
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      Seattle WA
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      98 Limited V8 AWD
      Is your CEL (amber-color check engine light) on? I am assuming that the vehicle has one and that it's functional. If so, there will be trouble codes stored in the engine management computer. Have someone scan (read) them and post them here. If there is a code for EGR malfunction, it's worth pursuing what you've been doing. Otherwise, your poor mileage is due to something else. Good Luck!


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