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Front Pinion Seal Replacement Procedure.

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by fullon138, December 21, 2008.

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    1. fullon138

      fullon138 New Member

      December 21, 2008
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      Washington, D.C.
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      2005 XLT Advance Trac RSC
      '05, 4.0L flex fuel and just started leaking from what I would think is the pinion seal in the front differential. The fluid is definitely thick like a 90w would be, and it is coming from the rear of the pumpkin in front of where the driveshaft connects. There is something like a collar there. I've searched this forum looking for any info on how to do this myself. I don't have a lift, but I have a garage with floor jacks and air tools, etc. So far, all I think I know is that I need to drain the fluid, disconnect the driveshaft, remove that collar somehow, mark the bolt/nut? with a punch, remove it, remove the seal, replace the seal, use an air tool to drive the nut/bolt to just barely past the origional mark, put the collar back on, reconnect the driveshaft and fill with proper fluid. Any help filling in the gaps would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    3. SevenT6Vet

      SevenT6Vet New Member

      March 8, 2008
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      02 explorer
      I'm eager to hear a reply as well. Got an 02 4.0 4wd with leaky front diff seal also.


    4. Fred Williams

      Fred Williams New Member

      April 19, 2009
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      palatine bridge N.Y.
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      `05 ranger xlt 4x4
      looking to replace front pinion seal in my `05 ranger 4x4, any tricks I need to know?
    5. dorman68

      dorman68 New Member

      February 13, 2008
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      Colmar, Pa
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      1993 Ranger 2.3L/2wd/5spd
      As per Alldata

      2005 Ford Truck Explorer 4WD V6-4.0L VIN E
      Vehicle Level Transmission and Drivetrain Differential Assembly Seals and Gaskets Service and Repair Front Differential

      Front Differential

      Drive Pinion Flange and Seal


      CAUTION: This operation disturbs the pinion bearing preload. Carefully reset the pinion bearing preload during assembly.

      With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist.
      NOTE: The front wheels and tires and brake calipers must be removed to prevent drag during the pinion bearing preload recording and adjustment. Remove the front tires and wheels.
      Remove the front driveshaft.

      CAUTION: When removing the disc brake caliper, never allow it to hang from the brake hose. Provide a suitable support. Remove the disc brake caliper anchor bolts, then remove the disc brake caliper and disc brake caliper anchor as an assembly.
      Using mechanic's wire, position and support the disc brake caliper and disc brake caliper anchor.

      Measure and record the pinion bearing preload.
      Using a Nm torque wrench, rotate the pinion gear. Measure the torque required to maintain pinion Bear rotation.

      Index mark the pinion flange and the pinion gear stem.

      Using the special tool to hold the pinion flange, remove and discard the pinion nut and washer.

      Using the special tool, remove the pinion flange.
      Inspect the pinion flange for burrs and damage. Inspect the end of the pinion flange that contacts the pinion bearing cone, pinion nut counterbore and drive pinion oil seal surface for nicks. Discard the pinion flange if damaged.

      Using the special tool and a suitable slide hammer, remove the drive pinion oil seal.

      Remove the drive pinion oil slinger and the outer pinion bearing.
      Remove and discard the collapsible spacer.
      Verify the splines on the pinion stem are free of burrs. If burrs are evident, remove them with a fine crocus cloth.
      Clean the drive pinion oil seal bore.

      Install a new collapsible spacer.

      Install the outer pinion bearing and the drive pinion oil slinger.

      NOTE: Lubricate the drive pinion oil seal lips with axle lubricant. NOTE: Drive pinion oil seal must be fully seated all the way around or drive pinion oil seal damage will occur. Using the special tool, install the drive pinion oil seal.

      CAUTION: Never use a hammer or install the pinion flange with power tools. NOTE: Lubricate the pinion flange splines with axle lubricant. Align the index marks and using the special tool, install the pinion flange.

      Install the new washer and pinion nut. Only hand-tighten the pinion nut at this time.

      CAUTION: Do not loosen the pinion nut to reduce pinion bearing preload. Install a new collapsible spacer and pinion nut if pinion bearing preload reduction is necessary. Using the special tool to hold the pinion flange, tighten the pinion nut to set the pinion bearing preload.
      Tighten the pinion nut, rotating the pinion occasionally to make sure the pinion bearings are seating correctly. Take frequent pinion bearing preload readings by rotating the pinion gear with a Nm torque wrench. The final reading must be 0.56 Nm (5 inch lbs.) more than the initial reading taken during removal.

      Install the disc brake caliper and disc brake caliper anchor as an assembly, then the disc brake caliper anchor bolts.
      Tighten to 108 Nm (80 ft. lbs.) .
      CAUTION: Always connect the front driveshaft to the axle first. Otherwise, the weight of the driveshaft can pinch the boot between the shaft and the flange and cause the boot to tear. CAUTION: Install the driveshaft with new bolts and washers and new bolts and universal joint retainers. If new bolts are not available, coat the threads of the original bolts with threadlock and sealer. Install the front driveshaft.
      Install the front tires and wheels.

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