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Fun Trail for stock rides in Butte/Plumas county

Discussion in 'Offroad 4x4 Runs Planning and Discussion' started by Polardogg, January 8, 2018.

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    1. Polardogg

      Polardogg New Member

      June 20, 2016
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      oroville, ca
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      1994 and 98 explorers
      about 27 miles northeast outta Oroville,CA is a small town called Pulga,(there are cabins/campgrounds to rent, and good trout fishing) there is a road named 4 trees road across the hwy from town, its not a hard trail but there are a few spots where you need to go into 4 wheel, anything wider than an Explorer not advised, it is a narrow old fire trail with washouts and dead falls(which do get moved ) does get slippery when all the leaves are wet on the ground, it comes out on top @ Coyote Gap, there are signs marking where each trail goes, I took French Creek, (that should taken me back towards Oroville) sadly there is a bridge over french creek but fortunately there is not one over little french creek(good solid bottom, but can be a challenge with a a lot rain, just past the creek, the way out turns up a road that has been washed out, with serious ruts, i could not make the climb in my A\T tires, very slippy in the rain (maybe if it were completely dry and with a heavy foot or with M/Ts, i would have made it straddling the ruts. i will explore more of the area trying to find better trails to try

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