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Help!!!! 2007 Explorer v6: Misfiring and Jerking after Timing chains Replacement

Discussion in 'Modified 2006 - 2010 Explorers' started by Ruhtra, February 1, 2018.

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    1. Ruhtra

      Ruhtra New Member

      January 19, 2018
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      2007 explorer
      No issue or problem with my car when I asked the Ford Service Center for Timing Chain Replacement. And NO problem with my car with the timing chains. Service manager told methat it is time to change the timing chains. My car km reading is 90K. THEY ONLY CHANGED THE FRONT TIMING CHAINS.

      After they changed the timing chain they started the car:
      PROBLEM: The car cracks and starts and suddenly died and wont start anymore.

      They open the timing chains and re-timing.
      PROBLEM: The car start BUT misfiring and jerking.

      After 2 month of no clear answer from the service center, I pullout my car.

      Perform dry and wet compression tests
      PROBLEM: Cylinder #6 dry test reading-60 psi and other cylinders are ok. And wet test reading is 135 psi on the same cylinder #6.

      Need your HELP to those members who have experienced this problem. It is TWISTED VALVES OR A DAMAGED PISTON RINGS?

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    3. Tech By Trade

      Tech By Trade Well-Known Member

      May 2, 2012
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      Your mom's house
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      07 Sport Trac
      Ford screwed up and bent a valve, and owes you a new engine, or at least a head. Even a dealership cant get this job right.

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