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Hitch Drop & Length 2017 XLT

Discussion in 'Tow Rig Forum' started by Mdkdm, August 16, 2017.

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    1. Mdkdm

      Mdkdm New Member

      July 30, 2017
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      San Antonio, TX
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      2017 Explorer XLT
      I've got a 2017 XLT with the factory Class III Tow package and Appearance Package (20" wheels). Trying to figure out what drop and length I should get for my hitch. I'll only be hauling occasionally (u-hauls or possibly tandem axle utility trailers). From what I can see online, a lot of trailers have a coupler height of 17-18 inches (don't have one of my own anymore to measure). Top of my hitch receiver was about 22.5 inches, so I'm guessing I should get a 4 inch drop. If I need to account for some sag once the trailer is connected, I may need to go with a 2-3" drop.

      I'm also wondering what hitch length I should get (haven't been able to find as much advice on how to determine this). I'll probably go with a 2 inch ball since that should fit any trailers I'd pull as well.

      Any suggestions for what has worked for y'all?
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    3. traveler

      traveler Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      March 14, 2005
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      Mesa AZ
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      2000 EB Explorer 5.0
      Very hard to answer the questions without more specifics. Different trailers have different coupler heights. I have seen hitches that mount to receivers that have an adjustable height. If you got one of those you could adjust it as needed. Just pull a pin, put the hitch at the height you want, and replace the pin. As far as length goes, I like keeping the ball as close to the tow vehicle as possible. Can't really give a reason just a personal opinion. The closer to the vehicle the less the trailer is able to move it around (sway, bounce, etc).
    4. thebrakeman

      thebrakeman Well-Known Member

      February 11, 2009
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      Canton, Michigan
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      2006 Mercury Mountaineer
      I would wait until you have a need, then buy the drawbar that you need.
      Or, get an adjustable shank model.
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